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Where Do You Play Your Portable?

Where Do You Play Your Portable?

With all the PS Vita news that’s tumbled out of Tokyo Games Show – December 17th launch in Japan, five hours battery life, Final Fantasy X HD confirmed – the momentum has helped keep Sony’s portablein the limelight with just months to go before it’s launched.

You know all that. Here’s a question for you, whether it’s PSP, iPhone, Android, 3DS or whatever – where do you take part in portable gaming?

Instead Of PS3 – This seems like the obvious choice but this is the one area where portable gaming loses out. After all, you’re at home. You’re comfortable. Why wouldn’t you just play PS3 instead? Obviously it depends on the context – you might want to slouch in bed while playing something – but anecdotal evidence suggests most people don’t use portable gaming as a replacement for PlayStation3 time.

Watching TV – Obviously not watching tv and playing PSP at the same time, unless your eyes are capable of rolling around independently of each other like a chameleon. Rather, it’s the compromise option. If your other half wants to watch Eastenders, you can get your PSP on the go. If there’s 15 minutes to go before a programme you want to watch comes on, fire up your PSP.

Daily Commute – The data is a little old now but back in 2003, those in the UK had the longest commute in Europe, with the average journey taking 45 minutes. In 2006, it was revealed that the average commute in the UK took 139 hours a year. I know from when I used to live in London and my commute into work took 50 minutes, I’d never play my PSP on the tube. I’d just fall asleep. Both to and from work. Hardcore.

Out And About – This is the one thing that makes iOS gaming so convenient. You never know when you’ll be caught in a queue, waiting for a bus, just any part of every day life that has you waiting or slightly bored. Playing Cut The Rope to pass a few minutes of boredom is just a natural, almost unthinking thing to do. It’s becoming part of modern day life (whether that’s a good or bad thing is another argument for another time) but the key thing to remember is that it’s usually limited to a few minutes, at most. Not really enough time to sit through an adventure like Ghost of Sparta.

These are all ideas I’m throwing out there but I’m genuinely curious – when do you tend to get stuck into handheld gaming?

  • Scrum

    Commutes. Well, I walk to school so I generally just listen to my ipod, but if I go on the train somewhere, in the car to somewhere, or on the plane, I will use some form of mobile gaming. If I get the PS Vita, I’ll probably want to play that during my free periods too though