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What If PlayStation Home Was Real?

What If PlayStation Home Was Real?

What is the world of PlayStation Home was in fact reality? What if we lived in Home for real? How would our lives be different? In the first of what could be an ongoing series (but probably won’t be), we consider what Home would be like if it was how we lived out lives in the real world.

1. Cosplay would be a way of life – Right now dressing up as videogame and anime characters is something of a niche activity, but in Home it’s the only way to be. People wearing civilian clothing is weird. If you want friends you have to dress up as a Final Fantasy/Star Wars/Uncharted/etc character. Anything less and you’ll be shunned.

2. Living rooms would be really odd – Wow, is that a fountain next to your sofa? Is that a barbecue beside the coffee table? Cool. Why didn’t we think of that? Of course, that’s the most obvious place to put a canoe. Such is the oddity of the Home living space. Don’t even get us started on the themed spaces.

3. A sex change is easy (and reversible) – Ever wondered what it would be like to live your life as the opposite gender? Well in home, gender altering operations are just a click away. Down side, being a woman in Home is very, very annoying as you get ambushed and surrounded by leering men (who find your fake avatar attractive).

4. Visit exotic worlds – In our current real world the most exotic we can get is some rather dull islands with sand and surf. If Home were real then these holiday destinations would be truly exotic, with odd yellow creatures, giant tree houses, pink castles and stuff like. A bit like Disneyland now we come to think about it.

5. You’ll have lots of cool toys – In your peculiar living rooms, somewhere near that giant, bright yellow and pink thrown you got from the Fat Princess zone, you’ll have an amazing collection of videogame toys that would never exist in the real world, but we wish they did. Where are our R-Type toys?

6. Games would be a bit rubbish – The disappointing downside¬† of having Home be real, despite all the other advantages is that games would be a bit crap. Some Home games are a little diverting, but lets be honest here, they can’t hold a candle to proper PS3 games or even Minis. Could we live like that? Probably not.

In Conclusion – If PlayStation Home were real the world would be an odder and more colourful one, but we’d have very little to do other than fill our living rooms with strange ornaments. Kind of like being a pensioner.

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  • Orionsaint

    Everyone would be a mute, but you could text each other. No one could touch each other. That means no hugging, kissing, sex or anything like that. You can’t drive a car, unless you play a race kart game.