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What If Guillermo del Toro Made… These Games?

What If Guillermo del Toro Made… These Games?

Famed movie director Guillermo del Toro is developing a videogame he has revealed. The director of Pan’s Labyrinth and the Hellboy films has long been a vocal supporter of the vidoegames industry citing his enjoyment of games such as BioShock, Halo and Shadow Of The Colossus in the past.

Having pulled out of directing the upcoming Hobbit movies (he was going to make two) he has told MTV that he is now looking forward to developing a videogame to be published by an unknown company. This is exciting news and it got us thinking about what games del Toro could join and what he would add to them.

BioShock – An obvious choice really. He’s expressed his love of the first game and his eye for the dark, sinister and twisted (seen most recently in Hellboy II: The Golden Army) would be welcome. After BioShock 2 we can’t help but feel that the title could use a strong directorial hand to help guide it down a strong narrative path, if it were to return at all.

DADragon Age – Gothic is another area where del Toro excels and BioWare’s ‘dark fantasy’ RPG seems like the best fit. We’ve never seen the director handle such traditional genre fantasy before, but we imagine he would be very good at it and would lend that all important story strength that he and BioWare care a great deal about.

CastlevaniaCastlevania – Even more gothic than Dragon Age and perhaps importantly, featuring vampires. Del Toro as well as directing movies has a trilogy of novels in the works that revolve around Vampires. The first of these books, The Strain, is already available. Konami’s world of monsters would be a perfect fit for the Mexican director.

SilentHillSilent Hill – A journey through the deepest and darkest depths of the subconscious and the horrors that can be found there, Silent Hill would be a very good fit for del Toro. He’s previously expressed a love of the original game and his work on Pan’s Labyrinth shows he can handle psychological drama mixing with the surreal.

Katamari – Speaking of surreal, it doesn’t get very much more weird and wild than Namco’s superb ball rolling series. We would imagine that del Toro’s take would probably look much more realistic and as a result be much more disturbing, but we would love to see it all the same.

Anyway, we will apparently be hearing more about del Toro’s project in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed we may even see it at Gamescom.

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