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What games should British sports stars play?

What games should British sports stars play?


According to an article published by the New York Times (linky), numerous US sports stars engage in that all-too-unhealthy and destructive hobby of playing video games. They do it for a few reasons: Connor Chinn, a SOCCER player for the New York Red Bulls, regularly plays FIFA to get himself in a SOCCERing mood, apparently. Also, some other American sports people play games, but we don’t know who they are – so instead, we’re going to offer some suggestions of sports folk we do actually know about* and games we would recommend to them.

John Terry, Chelsea footballer and some other things we’re not going to talk about: One hundred and JT clearly plays a lot of PDC World Championship Darts, if only so when he bags a 180 he can say “yes?” when the score is cried out. It’s logical.

Chris Hoy, Olympic gold medalist with bikes and pedals and bran flakes: The man with the gigantic thighs would probably want to rest from pedaling in his downtime, so could easily take in some MX vs ATV for relax-time. It definitely makes sense.

Ricky Hatton, half-retired northern boxer, part-time fatty: Hatton could take the simple route, playing Fight Night Round 4 on a non-stop rotation to relive his bout against Manny Pacquiao. Except this time he could (try to) win, rather than get battered.

Lewis Hamilton, F1 man and lover of all things Santanderrrrrr: Lewis would have to pick a game to support his winning personality, but the only way he could get it would be via import. We’re talking, of course, about Railfan! – the train simulator. It’s lucky that man has a few bob to rub together then, really.

Johnny Wilkinson, rugby man who no one pays attention to anymore: Poor Johnny, the forgotten man of public affection, would surely have to play something cathartic to ease his pain. We’d suggest his downtime would be spent with Red Faction: Guerrilla: blowing things up has a calming effect on us all.

Kriss Akabusi, former running man and all-time hero of children of the 90s: We have no idea what Kriss would play, as there’s no such thing as a Record Breakers game on PS3. We’d just suggest he download the PSOne classic International Track and Field from PSN and relive past glories through simple tap-tap-tapping.

Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards, former figure of fun and alleged “skier”: We all loved Eddie the Eagle back in the day – before he started appearing in stupid insurance adverts – but… well, we have no idea what he could play to practice anything. We just wanted to mention him and remind the world that this wonder of human engineering does indeed exist.

*Note: we’re not that up to speed on ‘sports’, so the modernity of these ‘stars’ may be in question.

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