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We’d Like Commentary On These Games Please

Having spent some time laughing like hyenas at the commentary track for Monkey Island II recently we thought of a few more games we would really enjoy playing through with snippets from the development team telling us a little about how they came about.

bioshock1. BioShock – Ken Levine has always been an interesting guy to listen to and the ideas he brought to BioShock were very detailed and very engaging. The amount of thought that went into virtually every aspect of Rapture and the characters you encounter was far greater than anything Irrational could have squeezed into the game, but a commentary track would give us all an insight into their plans.

bayonetta_screen_lg2. Bayonetta – Like BioShock this was a game clearly packed full of ideas, but unlike BioShock we’d like to hear some commentary just so we could perhaps begin to understand what the hell was going on. There was some pretty screwed up stiff in Bayonetta and while it might be a little scary to see behind the veil and witness how it all came together, we’d still like a peek.

HeavyRain_073. Heavy Rain – An obvious choice really given that it’s very much like a movie and would therefore fit most neatly into that DVD commentary template. Bring the actors together, throw in David Cage and you’ve got yourself the perfect cast for an in depth, behind the scenes dialogue that can help you piece together the amount of work that went into one of the best games this year.

lbpmgs4. LittleBigPlanet – The enthusiasm of the Media Molecule team is infectious. Few can withstand the awesome power of their friendliness and love of games. As such a commentary during the story mode of LBP would be a great insight into the inspirations, influences and methods used to create their levels, all of which could then feed into your own thinking for levels to design with the creator.

brutal_legend5. Brütal Legend – A perennial favourite on our lists whatever the subject, Brütal Legend is an important game in our lives, but having heard Tim Schafer chatting about Monkey Island II we can’t help but think we’d be just as happy to hear him witter on about his most recent game too. In fact scrap all the other suggestions we’ve made; we want Tim Schafer commentary on every game whether he worked on it or not. Thank You.

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  • val

    I love this idea, games are really boring and I find myself listening to tv or radio at the same time a lot. Infamous would have been less boring with commentary or radio and I’m put off Red Dead Redemption because I’m pretty sure horses don’t carry radios and I can’t imagine liking GTA so much without radio stations or passenger conversations… Then there’s metal gear solid peacewalker which has a load of detailed audio conversations, but very annoyingly you have to listen to them in menus instead of during gameplay so they’re useless.

  • MarkeyMan90

    Yea those ideas are great, in particular Heavy Rain that would be excellent. It could b kinda like what Half Life did, when you can listen to the commentary tracks from the developers, yea neat ideas.