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Visceral handling new Command & Conquer: what to expect

Visceral handling new Command & Conquer: what to expect

It’s been reported that Visceral Games, creators of the Dead Space series, are set to create a new action-based Command & Conquer game. While it would be a lie to say this makes us unreasonably excited, it has got us thinking positively about the future. Especially as we assumed the C&C series was on indefinite hiatus following the not-so-well-received fourth entry to the main storyline.

But no, it will continue, it will be in the hands of a new developer and it will be like Renegade of the cancelled Tiberium in that it will be an action game. So let’s do some of that speculating stuff to see what it could be.

Command & Conquer: Kane’s Name Game
Players take control of the charismatic (read: “delightfully overacted”) leader of the Brotherhood Of Nod, Kane, as he travels the ruined wastelands of the future searching for others sharing his name. Obviously everyone he meets called Kane is evil, as all Kane’s are, and as the game progresses NOD Kane amasses an army of so many other Kanes that it actually amounts to a tank-rush. Of Kanes. It will be beautiful.

Command & Conquer: Gears Of War Edition
We’re all thinking it, so why not just say it? We’re expecting Visceral’s game to be like Gears Of War, just in the C&C universe. So, more Ion Cannons, or something. Just re-skin the Hammer Of Dawn and you’re sorted in that respect.

Command & Conquer: IN SPACE
Visceral, sticking to what they do best, take players on a terrifying journey through an abandoned space station, littered with the reanimated/infected corpses of dead NOD soldiers. It’s scary, atmospheric and has a lead character called Isaac. At some point late in development, EA change the name of the game to ‘Dead Space 3’.

Command & Conquer: We Lied About The ‘Action Game’ Part
A direct sequel to Command & Conquer 4.

Command & Conquer: Seth’s Revenge
Remember Seth, shot in the head by Kane about a third of the way through the NOD campaign on the original Command & Conquer? No? Oh. Well anyway, players take control of the beret-sporting sod (who we’ve decided somehow survived) in a series of interactions with subordinates. Basically the entire game will be the wonderful dialogue wheel from Alpha Protocol, stretched out over 14 hours of in-game fun. Oh, and he’ll try and get revenge at some point. And will fail, as Seth’s just a bit rubbish.

If any of these ideas are used we’ll be expecting our regular fee to the usual address, Visceral.

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