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Uber-Edition Wars: Special Editions Go Mad This Winter

Uber-Edition Wars: Special Editions Go Mad This Winter

We’ve had a rush of extra special edition announcements recently and thought we should review what a little extra cash might be able to fetch you when you go out to pick up your favourite new game in the coming months. While we’re still waiting on Activision to detail its Call Of Duty package (which is bound to be ridiculous, although perhaps not as ridiculous as last year’s) other publishers have been setting out their stall.

Here are the top contenders:

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood|Cost: $100 (Approx. £63)|Contents: Harlequin/Docter Jack-in-the-box, art book, 2 exclusive in game maps, map of Rome, Making Of DVD, Soundtrack

Thoughts – This is a fine collection, with the Jack-in-the-box being a particularly nice touch. This is certainly a step up from the Ezio statue we got last time out. The UK’s confirmed Codex Edition of the game currently does not have this toy, but will come with the additional maps, DVD, bonus characters and a chest to keep it all in. It will cost about the same amount though. Hopefully we’ll get a taste of both later in the year.

LittleBigPlanet2|Cost: $79.99 (Approx. £51)|Contents: Sackboy Plushie, LBP2 Book Ends, 11 Sackboy Costumes, 5 PSN avatars

Thoughts – Toys and content. Sony knows what LBP fans want. The Sackboy and book ends alone make this a package worth taking a look at, but the addition of the content for the game makes it that little bit more special. Plus, the price tag isn’t too bad either. If that dollar value translates to the UK you’ll only be paying an extra tenner for all those goodies.

Fallout: New Vegas|Cost: $79.99 (Approx. £51)|Contents: Poker Chips, Playing Cards, graphic novel, Making Of DVD

Thoughts: Not a bad selection here, but nothing all that shocking either. This isn’t exactly the Vault Bot lunchbox, bobble head, art book and alarm clock we got with Fallout 3. It’s not a bad package, but it doesn’t strike us as all that unique either. One for the serious fans only perhaps.

Gran Turismo 5|Cost: €179.99 (Approx. £150)|Contents: Metal SLS AMG Obsidian Black Box, GT branded SLS AMG 1:43 model car, GT leather wallet, Branded USB key, GT branded keyring, Signature Edition coffee table book, 200 page Apex drivers magazine

Thoughts: This is the Daddy of them all. At approximately £150 it doesn’t come cheap, but just look at that list of goodies you’ll be getting. If you’re seriously into Gran Turismo or just into cars then this is a very exciting bundle of merchandise for you to walk away with. Best start saving up those pennies.

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