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Turns Out Gamers Are Mental. Again.

Turns Out Gamers Are Mental. Again.


Is it that time again? It seems so, so fire up the controversy-o-tron and have a read of the damning indictment of both the videogame and, erm, porn industries by Stanford professor Philip Zimbardo.



Yes, yes. Haven’t we read this all before? Look, we know that videogames cause people to have violent seizures and rip people’s brains out. Just the other day, Play was forced to count to ten before it went on a rampage around the sunny climes of Bournemouth.


Our sister mag, the esteemed GamesTM, has also failed to keep it in check recently, with all of them now serving time for murdering a AAA publisher’s entire marketing department during a routine meeting. Tragic stuff.


And finally, tragically,  Nowgamer’s esteemed Games Editor (who we can’t name for legal reasons) has recently been committed to an insane asylum for finally snapping after too many games, babbling some noise about ‘crowded release schedules’ and ‘E3 meetings’. Poor lad.



What we’re saying is, we know we’re crazy. We don’t need studies like this to tell us time and time again that we’re totally insane. We know what we are. Leave us alone. We’ve got to get back to sharpening our great swords.

  • Joey

    I read about half of it, like a bad film if the first half is shit it’s probably gonna stay shit to the end.
    My argument to debunk the author’s claims;
    It’s co-written by a man with a handlebar moustache and a woman. Obviously neither of whom enjoy computer games or porn (though the facial haired man probably secretly enjoys the latter but he’ll be damned if we know!) so who are they to know what it’s like? I don’t give out about, say, China because I’ve never been there, I don’t know what it’s like. A woman who doesn’t play computer games and watch online porn wouldn’t know how guys who do think, you don’t hear me bitching how while a guy spends 5 hours playing Skyrim for free a woman is on a shopping marathon wasting money buying a load of shit she doesn’t need. Which hobby seems the more damaging one now? And the man is just an asshole evident from his designer hairy lip, what he says hasn’t much value.
    Just because someone’s a professor in something doesn’t mean that what they say has any credibillity.
    Maybe one day I’ll be a professor and write a book on how men with moustaches are often evil or closet homosexuals.