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Top Five Villainous Beards – And What They Mean

Top Five Villainous Beards – And What They Mean

In these times of financial uncertainty and low temperatures you need to find any way you can to save the pennies while also keeping warm. Our solution is the age old ploy of growing facial hair. Of course you may not be able to do this, but there’s always the option of using cuttings from barber shop floors and sticking them to your face. These work well.

Anyway, it’s commonly known that bad-guys have the best facial fuzz, so here are some of the Play team’s favourites and what they’ll say about you if you use them.

The Hugo Strange – A new addition, Strange will be appearing in Batman: Arkham City. His ‘under-chin’ beard was of course made famous by Abraham Lincoln, but Strange wears it with far more menace. Such a beard says, ‘I’m a little kooky, but enjoy something to stroke and often have a runny nose’.

The Cesare Borgia – This would be a classic ‘Goatee’ although we particularly like the pointy finish Cesare has added here. This is a good all purpose kind of facial that denotes a man of business while also showing a degree o playfulness. It says, ‘I have feelings for my sister and not in a good way’.

The Vizier – This deceptive beard manages to hide its true nature, particularly in the company of royalty. Us common folk can of course see the ill-intent that it disguises. However, it still denotes a certain amount of wisdom behind the sinister overtones. It says, ‘I’m getting old, but I could still break your neck’.

The Bitores Mendez – In some ways this is a darker version of the Vizier, but it has more of a country, hippy feel. This is the kind of beard people will want to snuggle up to for comfort. It also allows you to wear your shirt open on cold evenings without fear of getting a cold chest. It says, ‘Go on, you know you want to stroke it’.

The Kane – This rather light beard is a classic. Not quite what we would consider a full goatee and yet certainly of that ilk. It’s got a precision about it that makes it clear you are a person of refined taste, ambition and stature. It’s the kind of beard all aspiring global leaders should adopt. It says, ‘I care about this much more than you’.

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