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Top Five Essential Move Accessories

Top Five Essential Move Accessories

PlayStation Move… It’s the future. Or perhaps the past. It’s certainly the present. Or a present. We’re clearly not sure. What it is to some though is a cash cow for accessories and add-ons, because Sony didn’t design it properly. So, here are five absolutely essential Move accessories that you absolutely need, absolutely.

Speedlink Peacemaker Move Gun
Guns! We need lots of guns. Clearly Move is going to have a long career as a FPS gun pointing thing, so you may as well get in on the ground floor with a really good gun replica to place your Move remote in. This will make you around 20% more accurate. Or perhaps not.

CTA Move: Ultimate Boxing Gloves
Your hands are rubbish. In the gripping and holding department they fail, epically. If you want to be a contender in those fighting games all the kids are playing you need gloves. Without them you will suck and fail and probably end up hitting yourself in the face. With these gloves you will not.

Logic3 Move Sports Pack
Sports are very big on Move. We know this because they were very big in Wii. And we also know that all those games were unplayable without racket, club and bat attachments. The same will inevitably be true with Move. We already found Racket Sports to be unplayable…

PlayStation Move Gun Attachment
This is the official gun attachment from Sony and as such is the best gun attachment ever created for any console in the history of time. You need this attachment even if you don’t own a Move controller. You should just have it for walking the streets. Someone gives you trouble! Pow! Laser Time!

Pair & Go Move Wheel
Driving games with Move. There’s like a whole bunch of those. Like, maybe one. Or none. But there will be loads obviously so you should get in on the ground floor and pick yourself up a wheel for your Move controller, because proper Steering Wheels are lame.

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