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Top Five: Comics That Should Get Games

Top Five: Comics That Should Get Games

In honour of the very first images from Ubisoft’s upcoming Scott Pilgrim game allow us to introduce five more comics that really should get a videogame adaptation.


Witchblade: This Top Cow comic predates The Darkness, which has already had a videogame adaptation, but is set in the same continuity. Originally it followed the tale of Sara Pezzini, a NYPD officer who comes into contact with a mysterious gauntlet known as the Witchblade and finds herself bonded to it. Turns our the ‘blade has joined with warrior women all through history and Sara is the latest, but its power is desired by many powerful forces. Would easily make for an exciting action adventure. Developer Suggestion: Visceral Games


Preacher: There should be more exposure for Preacher period, but a videogame would be an interesting direction for the license. The tale of Jesse Custer, a priest who has been bonded to the offspring of a demon and angel, making him perhaps even more powerful than God, is one of the comic industry’s best. It’s a heady mix of fantasy, theology and goof ol’ fashioned westerns that could make for all manner of interesting games, but might best suit an open-world RPG scenario.  Think Red Dead Redemption, but with magical powers. Developer Suggestion: Rockstar


Wanted: Mark Millar’s original comic book was vastly superior to the movie that took its name starring Angelina Jolie, but then his spin on the superhero comic in which the villains have killed all the heroes and taken over the world probably wouldn’t have worked on the big screen. Videogames on the other hand are more than big enough to handle such a premise and the awesome killing abilities of Wanted’s lead character, The Killer, could make for a much better third-person shooter than Grin was able to make based on the film. Someone should return to this license and give it another go. Developer Suggestion: IO Interactive


Battle Chasers: This series was created by Joe Madureira who it just so happens is now a videogame maker with Vigil Games. That was the developer that released the excellent Darksiders and when we spoke to Joe Mad earlier in the year he revealed that he still holds to the rights to his comic should he wish to make it into a videogame. And why wouldn’t he? This swords and sorcery epic has all the makings of an excellent RPG adventure with all the typical characters. Young girl with amazing strength looking for her father, reluctant swordsman picking up his blade again, friendly robot, aged and jaunty wizard and large breasted thief. Could be amazing. Developer Suggestion: Vigil Games


Biomega: Zombies people! Zombies! The videogame industry can’t resist them and niether can we. So when the latest hot manga series happens to be all about a future where a zombie virus is taking over the planet and a small band are looking for survivors who might be resistant to the outbreak, we would expect interest. Biomega follows Zouichi Kanoe as he looks for anyone who could help stop the spread of the virus, while simultaneously trying to survive himself. Could be another excellent post-apocalypse title if you ask us. Developer Suggestion: Turtle Rock Studios

And now those images of Scott Pilgrim from PAX, via Kotaku:





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