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Top 8 Trolls In Gaming

Top 8 Trolls In Gaming

Trolling isn’t as bad as the popular media would have you believe. In fact, it can sometimes be brilliant. We love trolling on Play – just ask the rest of the troll-abused office. Anyway, here’s eight of the best:

Bobby Kotick

The man who thinks all games should be annualised, who thinks franchiese should be exploited, who thinks prices should be higher than they are, who acts sometimes – Bobby Kotick isn’t the supervillain a lot of gamers paint him as. He’s just a troll. An executive troll. And it’s brilliant.

Albert Wesker

“Yeah, you go an investigate that gunshot, I’ll wait here and ‘watch your back’ TROLOLOLOLOL”. And that’s our introduction to Albert Wesker: supertroll. In fact, he becomes a super-powered troll soon enough, TROLOLing his way around as he batters Jill and Chris upside the head, then turns the former against the latter in a hilaritroll move. Troll.


Megatron should be Megatroll, really, but it’s Starscream that takes the cake. All for himself. And tells no-one. Because he’s such a selfish troll. Just look at the animated Transformers movie, where Megatron’s robo-corpse isn’t even cold yet (it probably is already, what with him being a machine and all) before Startroll is claiming himself new king. HE EVEN HAS A CROWN. Oh yeah, he’s in some games too.

This troll from Oblivion


Gabe Newell

Look at that cheeky little smile. You’d trust anything he said, right? Which is annoying, because he hardly says anything about Valve’s games, avoiding answers and instead trolling the entire world with those annoying little games inserted into existing games that people far smarter than us have to decode. Technically that makes Valve the trolls, but we need an outlet for our troll-calling.

Lance Vance

The classic 80s troll in quite the snappy suit, Lance Vance’s trolling is focused entirely on monetary concerns. Is he your friend? No, of course not. He goes where the money is. Also he goes where the Lance Vance Dance is.


“Oh thank you kind warrior for saving me from this life of (half-naked) servitude – you have my eternal gratitude and I am forever in your debt. What can I do to repay you?” “Just hold this switch for a minute, yeah?” “Okay, but I don’t see why thi..ARGH!” SPLAT. “TROLOLOLOLOL.”

Green Hill Troll



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  • dakan45

    The entire ea stuff is worse than all of them.

  • Squalyian

    you forget colipso from twisted metal .

  • asdf

    A troll article? What a clever substitute for actual journalism!!

  • Ian Dransfield

    I wondered why it took so long for a troll to respond.