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Top 8 Morally Neutral Characters On PS3

Top 8 Morally Neutral Characters On PS3

Nathan Drake, Uncharted series

"I'm going to kill you, you know?"

Probably the ultimate, if we’re being totally honest. Nate Drake is a man who wants to do good, but he’s also selfish and will go to most any length in order to get what he wants. He’s also killed thousands. Really, he has. For every good deed he does and for every hilarious quip he makes, he does something twatty to bring him back to a morally centrist position.

Sackboy, LittleBigPlanet

Sad, or just HOW YOU MADE HIM?

How could any character be more neutral? Sackboy was literally invented to be a blank canvas to express yourself with. Not to say he/she/it’s bad in any way, but Sackboy has no morals. He/she/it just exists. There. Staring at you with the cold, dead eyes of a killer. Well, unless you make he/she/it smile, in which case it gets all fun and happy.

Parappa The Rapper, Parappa/Um Jammer Lammy series

And he's keeping the toast for himself, because he's selfish.

You may think that this beanie-sporting pooch is actually a force for good, showing how the power of love (and rap) conquers all. But would someone truly good force others out of line when they’re busting for the toilet? I think not. Parappa dresses it up in airs, graces and rhymes, but the fact of the matter is he’s a morally blank slate on the inside.

Mike Haggar, Final Fight

To be fair, you won't see Nick Clegg doing this.

While there’s no doubt Mike Haggar keeps the streets of Metro City clean, one has to wonder just how he keeps hold of his seat of power as mayor. It’s clear to see he actually puts on these very public shows of force in order to distract the Common Man from more nefarious dealings behind the scenes. Corruption + ultraviolence against criminal scum = moral neutrality.

The Football From PES, Pro Evolution Soccer series

Look at it, silently judging all of those overpaid idiots.

Making its second appearance in under a week, Football is the ultimate arbiter of moral neutrality. It will never judge or work against those playing with it, even if they are evil scumbags (like Liverpool players), or worthless, pointless, useless footballers (like Liverpool players). Football never judges. It just gets on with it. It is pure.

Zombie, various

It's just nature's way. The circle of unlife.

Unfairly painted as evil, maligned as a force for the bad guys and generally feared by gaming characters the world over. But is that fair? Zombies are, after all, on a par with wild animals. They work from instinct. They’re not being intentionally evil – they’re just doing what they have to do to post-death-survive. In fact, they’re probably the purest form of moral neutrality the world has ever seen, and something for us as people to aspire to be like.

Asteroid, Beat Hazard Ultra

It's just space-nature's way. The circle of floatingrock.

This is pretty much exactly the same as the zombie, except an inanimate object that only poses a threat thanks to the forces of inertia and its mass. The zombies of space, no doubt, and just as morally neutral.

PS3 console, some houses

Evil? No. Good? Certainly not. Just sort of THERE? Absolutely.

It doesn’t break because it hates you, or it wants to screw you over, or it thinks it’s funny, or because it’s secretly working for Microsoft. No, PS3 breaks because that’s just what it does sometimes. It’s nature’s way. It’s the circle of life. Similarly, it doesn’t provide you with some of the Most Fun Ever because it wants to be nice to you – it just does it because that’s what it does. Well, unless it’s a game made by [INSERT SATIRICAL COMMENT ABOUT POOR DEVELOPER HERE].

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