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Top 8 Jr Characters

Top 8 Jr Characters

If you’ve been keeping up with Resident Evil 6 news, you’ll know the mysterious ‘third’ character shown off in the original reveal trailer – once rumoured to be Alex Wesker – is actually Wesker Jr.

Wesker flippin’ Junior.

So in the name of journalism and a top eight list (because that’s all we could think of) that will surely catapult Play to the higher ranks of journalism where we can dine on peeled grapes hand-delivered by those who can only refer to us as ‘Master’ and ‘please, not the face!’, here are our top eight junior games characters.

8. Ted DiBiase Jr

7. Cell Jr

6. Bowser Jr

5. Donkey Kong Jr

4. Roy Jones Jr

3. Freddie Prinze Jr

2. Death Jr

1. Roger Jr

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  • Rhys

    Roger Jr all the way!