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Top 8 Bad Guys You Wanted To Win

Top 8 Bad Guys You Wanted To Win

Good triumphs over evil, generally speaking. It’s not something that many developers seem to want to stray too far from, as an idea. But it misses the point that, well – sometimes we just want the bad guys to win.

Gaming is escapism – a bit of fun. So why we have to (mainly) stick with this traditional stance of supporting the good guy we do not know. As we’re in such an evil-loving mood, why don’t we give you a list of eight bag guys you wanted to win? Why not indeed.

Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI)

He’s always on lists like this, so why not put him on another (and get him out of the way as soon as possible)? Blah blah bad guy, silly little laugh, insane nihilist, wants to destroy the world, does. Not only do we want him to win, we get to see him win. Pretty much. Bonus. Also he dresses like we all wish we could.

The Origami Killer (Heavy Rain)

We’re actually going to avoid the spoiler of who he/she/it is, even though the game’s been out years now and you should all know. Still, we want The Origami Killer to win just because they put so much effort into their schemes; so much thought and preparation goes into making Ethan Mars jump through hoops – it’s the kind of commitment that gains our respect and makes us want the killer to win. Even if they do murder children.

Also the killer doesn’t shout “JAAAASOOOON” all the time, so there’s that.

The Land Of The Livid Dead’s Denizens (Rayman Origins)

Right – Rayman is great. He’s very Gallic, which doesn’t even annoy us, and Rayman Origins is an excellent game. But anyone who has played it knows why the whole shebang starts in the first place: because Rayman and his chums are being loud, snoring gits and disturbing the residents of the Land Of The Livid Dead.

How could anyone side with the good guys in this? They’re inexcusably in the wrong, as anyone who has ever had noisy neighbours/housemates knows. How the Livid Dead don’t instantly, wildly murder Rayman and all his chums immediately we do not know, and the fact they don’t shows they are far better people/things than the titular ‘hero’ and his co.

Most Of The Bosses (Metal Gear Solid Series)

There’s the out-and-out tragic bosses of Metal Gear Solid 4 – we don’t really want them to win so much as we want them to be freed and find peace… which is almost a victory. But then there’s Revolver Ocelot, who back in the days of MGS3 was charismatic and interesting enough that we outright wanted him to win.

Then, of course, there’s Big Boss – Naked Snake. Seeing his slide into the evil side of things, seeing why he does what he does later on: how could you not want that one-eyed bastard to do anything other than win? Madness.

And Sniper Wolf. And Vulcan Raven. Hell, even Vamp. And certainly The End.

Kane And/Or Lynch (Kane And Lynch Series)

It’s really not often you get to outright play as a couple of bad guys, directly taking them through to success in the games they’re in. Making them win. And, regardless of the quality of the two Kane And Lynch games, there’s some real joy to be had in being the psycho criminals. Especially in the naked level.

The Zombies (Plants Vs Zombies)

Sure, the plants are cute and are just helping the homeowners to defend their brains, but who can blame the zombies? They’re acting on nothing other than instinct – there’s no actual evil in them and, in fact, they’re merely a patsy for the greater, more evil cause. Poor little blighters don’t even know that society has decreed them as evil – all they’re doing is all they know what to do. It’s merely a label affixed to them, claiming them to be ‘evil’ for no reason other than they’re on the ‘wrong’ side. Who is the real monster here? Who? Society – that’s who.

The Bad Guys (Army Of Two Series)

So we might see the end of those two horrible dudebro douchebags.

Kain (Legacy Of Kain Series)

Before the events of Defiance transpire and leave Kain a neutered ‘ohh I’ve got redemption’ sod, Kain is one of the best bad guys around and one we always want to win. Hands up who, on the first time they finished Blood Omen, chose the ‘bad’ ending where Kain destroys the world? Yep, us too. Best thing is, that’s the canonical ending.

Special mention has to go to Gabriel Roman from Uncharted too, just because he was also voiced by Simon Templeman. And Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir in Dragon Age: Origins. And Final Fantasy XII’s Judge Zargabaath. Man, Simon Templeman rules.

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