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Top 7 PlayStation Prequels

Top 7 PlayStation Prequels


7. Tiger Woods 13


We could use this entry to write a tired gag about the series going backwards, but we won’t. We’ll just think it.


Instead we’re classifying Tiger 13 as a prequel because it enables you to play as a two-year old Tiger Woods. Since it’s technically the past, we’ve included it.


6. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


The first of two MGS titles on this list (bet you can’t tell what the other one is), Peace Walker manages to both a) fill in the blanks of Big Boss’s history nicely and b) convolute everything all over again. Classic Kojima, we’re sure you’ll agree.


5. Street Fighter IV


Set between Street Fighter II and III, Street Fighter IV brought the series back to widespread recognition after casual fans left it for the 3D ‘revolution’. Oh, and the fact that there were 64 trillion versions of SFII. That as well.


4. Devil May Cry 3


After the insult to the original game that was Devil May Cry 2, the 3rd instalment fixed things in fine style. Chronicling Dante’s earlier life, it ditched the wide, sparse environments of DMC2 for compact stages that nicely complemented the game’s many excellent combat systems.


3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Not quite the 10/10 game that some thought it was, this is still an enjoyable action RPG experience that slots nicely into the series canon. Prepare to spend more time looking at the loading screen than the actual game if you plan to play stealthily, mind.


2. GTA: Vice City


For some the best instalment of the series yet, Rockstar abandoned the dour greys of Liberty City for the seedy glitz and glamour of 80’s Miami, confirming its legendary status in the process.


1.Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence


Obviously this had to come in at number one, because not only is it the greatest prequel ever but it’s probably also the greatest anything ever. The best game in the MGS series, the best stealth game ever, the best game featuring a theme song about tree frogs, the best game with a ten minute ladder climbing sequence.


Just the best everything really.

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