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Top 7 Forgotten Games Of 2011

Top 7 Forgotten Games Of 2011

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PS3 releases in 2011 have seen some truly impressive titles thrown our way – it’s been a good year for games. But a year is a long time, and it’s easy to forget that a fair few genuinely good titles were released in the last 12 months. So here’s just seven we decided you’ve probably forgotten came out in 2011. There’s no science behind this, just decision-making skill:

Mass Effect 2
We haven’t forgotten Mass Effect 2 exists – no, we still talk about it daily (we don’t). But it’s quite easy to forget that January saw the release of one of the finest RPGs we’ve yet seen. Was it really this year?

Killzone 3
Remember this one? The one where it had that target render video that the internet erupted about and nobody believed it could look that good, then the game came about and it did actually look really good and… oh, no, wait – that’s Killzone 2. We forgot Killzone 3 even came out, even though it’s good. Was it really this year?

Yakuza 4
Having to wait so long for Yakuza 3 sort of clouded our memories on this one – surely Sega couldn’t have been Fine Friends to us and brought out the sequel not-that-long after we had to wait forever for the third game? Turns out they could. Was it really this year?

WWE All Stars
While we get so worked up (alright, not very worked up) that WWE ’12 was a bit pap, it’s easy to forget 2011 did see a very good wrasslin’ game released. WWE All Stars was fun, fluid and silly – everything we want from a sports entertainment title. Was it really this year?

Not only did Brink come out this year, but it came out while the PSN was down. Who even remembers that? Alright, probably a few of you. Still, unfortunate timing contributed hugely to Brink disappearing almost instantly off our radars. Which is a shame, as it’s really good fun. Was it really this year?

Dungeon Siege 3
Remember Obsidian? They make those games that are so buggy they make Baby Jesus cry? No? Remember how they brought out a game this year that was both very good and didn’t actually have game-breaking bugs all up the wazoo? No? Ah. Well you should remember, because DSIII was a good laugh. Was it really this year?

Oh, wait – this was pap. Move along: you’re allowed to forget this one. It really was this year.

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  • Sid

    I have forgotten Mass Effect 2, it’s (at the moment) my favourite game of all time! However, I did get quite recently, and not at the time of it’s release.

  • deadclown

    mass effect 2 was not forgotten. it came out on the 360 sold its tons of copies. then it was ported over to ps3 way to late and had a 60 dollar price tag. it wasnt forgotten ps3 owners just said fck you

  • Wally-G.

    Killzone 3 sucked, nuff said.

  • Ad

    Killzone 3’s problem was it had a better campaign than KZ2, but the multiplayer was inferior (even with the awesome melee kills). If it was pretty much more of the same, it’d still be in my PS3 today.