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Top 6 Sweariest PS3 Games

Top 6 Sweariest PS3 Games

Inspired by the potty-mouthed antics of James Hellers and friends referenced in our Prototype 2 review, here are the six sweariest games on PS3 today! Hurray for Play’s family-friendly values! Each of these videos contains swearing. And some have NSFW content as well. So you HAVE BEEN WARNED.

6. Dead Island

While there’s not actually that much profanity, the voice-acting makes it stand out more. Still, other games don’t have theme tunes with a ‘who do you voodoo bitch?’ chorus, so, you know. Dead Island has earned its place here.

5. Prototype

Prototype 2 might have been the inspiration for this article but it’s not as though its dialogue has come straight from the same family-friendly factory line that Prototype did. Ignoring the cutscenes, even the dialogue from just walking around and bumping into soldiers is potty-mouthed.

4. 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand

Well, look, it’s 50 Cent. What were you expecting?

3. Kane & Lynch 2

The spiky, confrontational relationship between Kane and Lynch was the highlight of the duo’s first crime caper. Io Interactive had to up the ante and it did so with swearing. And blood. And more swearing. And more blood. And a bit where they run around naked shooting people (Kane and Lynch, not Io).

2. Bulletstorm

That someone has stitched together a swearing montage that lasts 14-minutes says it all. But in case it doesn’t, have 14 minutes of swearing!

 1. Rogue Warrior

The undisputed king of profanity from none other than Mickey Rourke as Dick Marcinko. Have a listen and cringe as Rourke/Marcinko gives surprisingly detailed description of his flappy bits. How I wish I was making this up.


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  • Robert G

    What about House of the Dead: OverKill (HOTDOK)? Or are these 6 worse?!

  • shaun


  • Reece Ward

    I thought Bulletstorm had alot of swearing, but Rogue Warrior made its own swearing league, its too bad that the game is terrible

  • Sam

    Apparently Mafia 2 has more swearing than House of the Dead: OK, and from what I’ve played of it there’s a swear every other line.