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Top 6 Superhero Games

Superhero movies are all the rage nowadays, but costumed crusaders have been represented well in videogames since day 1. Here are six of the best (that you can play on a PlayStation console, of course.)

Spider-Man2SPIDER-MAN 2: THE VIDEO GAME (2004)

Even now, ten years later, no game has come as close to capturing the joy of swinging arounde New York City as 2004’s Spider-Man 2 (an adaptation of the film, the one with Tobey MacGuire.) Arguably the best film adaptation in years, Spider-Man 2 featured an open world that players could explore at their leisure. While the story, combat and graphics were all merely average, the swinging mechanics were as close to perfect as we’ve ever come, each web line anchoring to a real point in the world for a feeling of place and realism. Simply swinging about the world was the most fun to be had in Spider-Man 2, and it’s still a joy to this day.

MvC2_Hulk_screen005_bmp_jpgcopyMARVEL VS CAPCOM 2

One of the best fighting games of all time is also one of the best superhero games ever made, with an enormous roster of 52 characters, half taken straight from the pages of various Marvel comics. There are a rather large number of X-Men, thanks partially to the franchise’s popularity at the time and the MVC series being a followup to the X-Men fighting games. Still, a large number of other superheroes get a chance to shine, all with signature attacks that make them feel like they’ve been taken straight from the comics. It’s a wonderful game that thousands still play today.


The arcade classic responsible for the famous lines “I am Magneto, master of magnet!” and “Welcome to die!”, Capcom’s 1992 take on X-Men is a side-scrolling beat ’em up that remains a favourite for fans of the genre to this day. Recently re-released on PSN, players control one of six mutants as they walk from left to right and take down Magneto and his hordes of evil henchmen. Older fans might remember the enormous 6 player arcade cabinets that were a sight to behold, using two monitors to make the action as big as possible.

bac_hqr_002_lgBATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

For years we suffered, with no good Batman games to satiate our urges to punch people in the face while dressed as a small flying mammal. Thankfully, English devs Rocksteady heard our call and smashed out two of the best superhero games ever made, redefining exactly what a Batman game could be. Arkham Asylum was incredible, but Arkham City makes everything that little bit better. While Asylum was a fairly linear experience, City opens things up with an open world, a ton of famous villains to fight and a combat system so refined that most action games since have outright copied it.

10844_frontSPIDER-MAN (2000)

Developed by Neversoft of Tony Hawk’s fame, the PS1’s “Spider-Man” was an excellent example of a game absolutely laden with fan service. Everything in this game is ripped directly from the comics, with a disposition toward characters featured in the awesome early 90’s cartoon series. While the web-swinging is simple and nothing to write home about, the beat ’em up gameplay is great fun and a broad variety in level design really helps. Still, presentation really is everything in this one, and from the excellent voice acting to the bunch of unlockable costumes, Spider-Man is a fan’s dream.

inFAMOUS_Second_Son-Neon_Dash-127_1384528291INFAMOUS: SECOND SON

The Infamous series arguably offers the best superhero experience in a game not involved with Marvel or DC. Second Son is the best yet, with a huge open world to explore and a ton of cool powers that make doing so a breeze. Delsin Rowe might be an annoying whiner with a silly name, but the dude has some awesome powers, from shooting super-heated smoke from his hands to running incredibly fast via the power of neon… yeah, it isn’t very scientifically accurate. Second Son is also one of the best looking games on PS4 to date, a beautiful recreation of a near-future Seattle with a bunch to find and do.


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    What about X-Men Legends/X-Men Legends 2. A truely brilliant X-Men isometric RPG