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Top 6 PSN Games You’ve Never Played*

Top 6 PSN Games You’ve Never Played*

Recommended PSN games pop up all over the place, but you often see the same names thrown in your face with gay abandon. “Buy this!” they scream, even though you’ve bought it eight times already, “it’ll change your life!” they don’t falsely add, as they’re probably correct except for the fact your life has already been changed by what they’re recommending.

But there are games out there on PSN that deserve the same sort of manic praise but don’t pop up all over the place. So here’s just six of them to tide you over – six PSN games you haven’t played**:

6. Greed Corp

Coming in somewhat under the radar back in February of 2010, Greed Corp was something we were looking forward to and something that didn’t let us down. A turn-based strategy game both necessitating strategy and unafraid to punish you for not being strategic, it also threw in a few metaphors for the man-made destruction of the environment, so it kept our hippy gland tickled. Well worth the initial outlay.

5.Vandal Hearts: Flames Of Judgement

We’ve started with a turn-based strategy game, so why not follow up with another? The original Vandal Hearts is one of the best SRPGs out there (let’s ignore the sequel) and this – while not reaching the blood-gushing heights of the first game – is a worthy third entry to the series. But it also seemed to be completely ignored on release, and for no good reason. It’s good. It’s fun. It’s a challenge. It’s worth it.

4. Worms: Crazy Golf

The number of random Worms games that come out gets confusing. Well, alright, not confusing per se, but annoying. Is it a new game? Is it a remake? Is it this? That? The other? Well, Crazy Golf is self-explanatory, fortunately, and it’s also really rather good. Which may come as a surprise, let’s be honest. It seems the combination of traditional Worms mechanics with the world of really rather crazy golf makes for a muchos muchos good(os) experience(os).

3. Marvel Pinball

It’s just pinball though, right? Yes, it is. But we should never forget that pinball, when done as well as it is by Zen Studios, is one of the most pure fun experiences out there. You should never forget that pinball is an inherently strategic, skill-based game. You should never forget that the Spider-Man table is probably the best one. And you should never forget that it’s not the best game to play in a situation where you have impaired reactions, like with, say, a hangover. Damn small-assed Wolverine table…

2. Critter Crunch

How do you make a match-‘em-up puzzle game offer something new? Well obviously you change the mechanics a bit so it’s still fresh. But you’re still essentially matching corresponding things to make them disappear. What else can you do? Draw some absolutely beautiful art to go with it – that helps. Anything else? Yes: make it funny and reasonably disgusting (hello, rainbow vomit). There you have the recipe for one of the best and seemingly overlooked games available on PSN. Get it get it now.

1. Joe Danger

Alright, you probably have played Joe Danger, at least if you have a soul. So we’re cheating massively by putting this here. Still, few lists involving the best PSN games are complete without the best game on PSN. Joe Danger keeps on going, keeps on giving and – just like the titular hero – never gives up. It’s a brilliant, reaction-heavy, skill-based obstacle course game and it makes us genuinely happy that it exists. All together now: DANGERRRRRRRRR! Oh, Joe.

*Unless you have
**Really though, unless you have

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