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Top 6 PS3 Peripherals You Can’t Live Without

Top 6 PS3 Peripherals You Can’t Live Without

ESSENTIAL (it's not essential)

We’ve already seen the worst PlayStation peripherals, but what about those you need? Those you will literally* die without? GO LIST GO:

A second pad

This may seem obvious, and that’s because it is, but the amount of people these days without a second pad to call their own is sickening. What if a friend suddenly pops around unanncouned and you’re expected to play some of that old-fashioned ‘local’ co-op you’ve heard tales of? What then? Hmm? You’ll look quite the fool, won’t you. Plus, if you don’t have any friends, you can keep one pad on charge until your other runs out of juice, then do the old switcheroo. Genius. Necessary for everyone, even poor people who can barely afford a PS3 in the first place, never mind an extra £40 pad.

A joystick

If you try and play fighting games with a pad, you’re likely to succeed. Because they’re made to be played with pads. No, really – they are. It’s why they work with them and everything. Madness, we know. But those who want to actually play fighting games properly – you know, the insanely competitive and those who remember what arcades were like before they were dead hovels (“alive hovels”) – will want a joystick. A good one, too, like one of those that costs more than £50. Anything less and you’re probably buying a dud. Plus they’re all clicky and cool and slapping the buttons when you lose makes you feel well rad, like. Ahem.

Gioteck Real Triggers

There’s still some dissent about this choice on the grounds that they’re a bit weird and make your L2 and R2 buttons too sensitive, but… well, okay. There’s something to that latter charge, as the Real Triggers do make things a bit too prone to recognising they’ve been pressed when they haven’t. Still, anyone who plays a lot of games that need you to use these buttons (i.e. most games) will get joy from the fact that these cheap little blighters turn your crappy fake triggers into proper triggers. Especially handy for long Gran Turismo 5 races, meaning your finger won’t slip off the accelerator.


We’ve gone with ‘can’t live without’ and we’re going to stick with that, so here’s another peripheral that you will likely die if you don’t own. Seriously. Be afraid. For you see, some may call the ownership of a keyboard and mouse on console pointless and a waste of money, and they would be right in the most part. But what about those who want to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive properly? Or Unreal Tournament 3? What then? Exactly: they’d die without them, so they definitely need them. Plus it makes it easier for typing things in. Always handy.

USB pen drive

We’re definitely counting this as a PS3 peripheral, even though it might not actually be a PS3 peripheral, mainly because… it isn’t a PS3 peripheral. It’s just a handy storage tool used on numerous formats compatible with the universal serial bus connection standard. BUT WAIT! For you see, a USB pen drive is one of the best things in the world to own if you have a PS3, because it means you can actually move your crap around, transfer (some) saves, put photos, movies and music on your console or take them off and other such super-fun things. It still shocks us how few people carry a pen drive as standard. They’re great.

PlayStation Move Sharpshooter

Haha, only joking. This is a piece of crap and you’d be better off buying a NegCon. Or JogCon, obviously.

*Not literally.

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  • Martin

    Sharpshooter a piece of crap? the only thing wrong with it is lack of games that utilize it and Move properly, KZ3 with the sharpshooter totally changes the way you play the game. I for one love mine.

  • joostin

    Sharpshooter is actually a really good peripheral. It has digital buttons so they send a signal directly to the Move control instead of physically pressing the buttons. This is a huge bonus over any third party peripheral.

    A. Joysticks are not needed at all
    B. Pen Drive is not necessary as you can use the media sharing function to transfer files wirelessly…oooooohhhhh the amazing future is here lol.

    Charging Dock, Move/Nav, and an upgraded hard drive are more useful than the above list.

  • matt

    i agree with martin, the sharpshooter on kz3 is great, i also play it on my 3d projector and it is unbelievable, whenever people come around this is my ‘show off’ game and with the sharpshooter it blos them away…everytime!!!!!