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Top 6 Censored PlayStation Games

Top 6 Censored PlayStation Games


6. Thrill Kill


The daddy of banned PlayStation games, this one needs no introduction. What’s that? It does? Some of you weren’t even born when it was meant to come out?


We see.


Thrill Kill’s ‘USP’ was that it had four-player fighting and that it was really bloody violent. Head-choppingly violent. So what, you say, your senses dulled from years of abusing the internet. Well, 1998 was a different time, and the sight of man pulped while a dominatrix panted with lust was probably a bit much.



Now it’s just another Tuesday. Thrill Kill eventually shelved before becoming the basis for brawler Wu-Tang: Taste The Pain.



5. Manhunt 2


Forget what people say about the original Manhunt: it’s actually a study of videogame violence, rather than the glorification of it. When it first came out it got savaged (even by Play, for shame) in the press for being exploitative tat. It’s not. The sequel is.


Especially if you played the banned version, via the nefarious interwebs. See if you can spot why it was pulled, then eventually re-released with a lot of the violence toned down.



4. Bully


As if to prove once and for all that politicians and tabloid papers actually know nothing (or maybe they know a little too much about herding idiots), a bunch of these dimwitted clowns took Rockstar’s magnificent school-based adventure to task for encouraging bullying, making the publisher change the title in the UK.


Forget that main character Jimmy Hopkins is actually the one being bullied, or that the title is a nickname for the school: BAN THIS SICK FILTH they cried, and got their wish. Well, the name changed at least, to Canis Canem Edit.


Until Rockstar re-released it on other consoles, reinstating the actual title as they did so.


3. Twisted Metal Black


Released in 2001, the then-latest instalment in the TM series had a bunch of cutscenes removed because they were deemed too…something. Us poor Europeans, huh? If only we weren’t such socialists we’d be tough enough to see digital murder.



2. Resident Evil


One of the classic cases of censorship from the early days of PlayStation, the ‘real’ (Japanese) intro soon became the stuff of legend when it became clear it had been cut for the rest of the world. Showcasing exposed bones, exploding eyeballs and, most horrifyingly, a man smoking (GASP), it had to be dealt with.


And boy, did they deal with it. Just check out how Capcom covered up Chris smoking. We take it its editor was of the same standard as its actors.



1. The Punisher


If you’re thinking that modern videogames maybe push things a little too far, have a little look at this bad boy:



Videogames, ladies and gentlemen.

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  • shaun

    What about the “No Russian” level in modern warfare 2?

    Although maybe not banned here it still caused every daily mail reader to trickle in their pants at the thought of being able to point their finger at the games industry once more and blame them for the spread of hoodies and gang violence across the country, and possibly global warming infact global warming makes just as much sense.

  • A Great Rubber Ducky

    I still have the Punisher. Absolutely brilliant, to be frank.

  • Ian Dransfield

    Frank Castle?

  • Racbir Singh Bhurji

    Hope they make Thrill Kill for PS4. iT HAS A BIG FAN BASE.They were all later released except for Thrill Kill. I played Thrill kill and is tame compared to Mortal Kombat. I think it was the name. Thrill Kill is a great fighting game with a difference that should have been released. Hope they make Thrill Kill for PS4. iT HAS A BIG FAN BASE