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Top 6 Boss Battles On PlayStation

Top 6 Boss Battles On PlayStation

Poseidon (God Of War III)


God Of War III’s opening had to be spectacular: after all, it was following part II’s incredible Colossus of Rhodes opener and was a showcase for the PS3 hardware.


Sony Santa Monica didn’t disappoint. The battle against Poseidon sees Kratos as nothing more than a speck against a beautifully rendered background as he fights for survival before finally triumphing. How will it be topped in Ascension?


Krauser (Resident Evil 4)


Everyone hates QTEs, and with good reason: in most games they’re poorly implemented annoyances that seem to only exist to punish you for the developers inability to hold your attention.


Like everything else it tried however, Resident Evil 4 got it right. The QTE knife-fight between Leon and Krauser is everything the mechanic can be when done right. Tense and exciting, it puts other QTEs to shame, striking the perfect balance between cutscene and gameplay.


The End (Metal Gear Solid 3)


Metal Gear Solid 3’s best boss is also one its least physically challenging. Rather than using your twitch reactions or shooting skills – which are probably overdeveloped from years of COD anyway – you’ve got to use your wits and mental dexterity against The End, an elderly sniper hunting you through a huge forest.


Said forest is broken down into sectors with different attributes (thick forestry in one, water in another, steep inclines in another still) meaning players have to take advantage of all Snake’s weapons. Getting the right camouflage, using a directional mic to hear The End’s breathing, or tracking his footsteps with Predator-style thermal imaging are all options, and pulling them together to get the drop on him is one of PS2 and PS3’s finest moments.


Barrett (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)


Only joking.


Benny (Fallout: New Vegas)


Not really a boss, more an antagonist, but the cunning with which you can dispatch him warrants a place on the list. If your character is a female and you’ve got the Black Widow perk, you can seduce Benny and then kill him in his sleep. Oddly satisfying, and shows how versatile the game’s outcomes can be.


The Old King (Demon’s Souls)


‘Harsh, but fair’ could have been coined to describe the Souls series, and The Old King is a good example as you’ll find. Blind, but able to hear you and smell you, you’ve got to move quietly to successfully attack him. Of course you’ll be wanting to use powerful attacks that use mana, which you’ll need to replenish by using, er, fragrances. Which the Old King can smell. It’s a delicate balancing act that encapsulates what makes the game so good.











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