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Top 6 Bins In Gaming

Top 6 Bins In Gaming


The Ashley Graham Bin In Resident Evil 4


Everyone knows that most escort missions suck massive donkey balls. Not so for Resident Evil 4, which offers this elegant solution: you merely stuff your charge into a bin and tell them to keep quiet. Brilliant.



The Bin From The Beginning Of Half-Life 2


The opening of Half-Life 2 makes no bones about establishing who’s in charge: the Combine forces rule with an iron fist, forcing you to pick up a can and throw it in a bin.


It’s one of those moments that Valve are so good at, making you feel subservient with such a small gesture. So imagine our delight when we saw this PC mod. Aww yeah.






The Trashcan Boss From Earthworm Jim




Games were just better back then.


The WWE Bin


Thwocking a man over the head with a trashcan in the WWE ring? One of life’s few pleasures.


The (many) bins of Hitman




Where would 47 be without his trusty bins to hide all the dead bodies? Jail. Or dead.


Osama Bin Laden From America’s Most Wanted





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