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Top 5 worst series reinventions

Top 5 worst series reinventions

If there’s one thing you can count on from a successful game series, it’s that it will eventually start to go stale. At this point game companies have a choice: keep churning out the same thing every couple of year ‘til sales dwindle so badly that there’s no point carrying on, or re-invent the series, taking it in a bold new direction. Sometimes this second option breathes new life into a series, perhaps even taking it to even greater heights of success than ever. But there is a big risk of royally screwing it up and making long-time fans feel betrayed and heartbroken. Here are five such ‘traitors’, named and shamed by Play.

Burnout Paradise
Let’s kick off with a contentious one. Burnout Paradise was not a bad game per se, but for many long-time fans of the series the shift to an open world design proved too much to stomach. The moment we realised that we got better race results when we drove slower, giving us more time to check the mini-map properly, was the moment our hearts broke.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
“Let’s take a series the unique selling point of which is that it features the most brutal, sadistic, violent gorey deaths in any game and tie it to a license that prohibits us from using excessive gore.” In the few years preceding its collapse, Midway really wasn’t thinking straight. Marvel vs Capcom this ain’t.

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce
Now, we’re not about to argue that the Dynasty Warriors series didn’t need re-inventing. It did and it still does. But this was not the way to do it. Omega Force simply took the Dynasty Warriors engine and hurriedly crammed it into a Monster Hunter-esque template, without actually bothering to adapt it. The result was clumsy to say the least.

Tony Hawk RIDE
The profit margin on peripherals is way higher than on games, as Activision noticed when it bought Guitar Hero creator RedOctane, but this only really works out if you make a peripheral that works properly and that people actually want to use. This was just one overpriced, oversized hunk of plastic too far. Please Activision, just make another awesome, arcadey Tony Hawk game. Please.

Sonic The Hedgehog
The Sonic series has been reinvented so badly, so many times that we could quite easily do a ‘Top 5 worst Sonic reinventions’, but for the sake of variety we’ve picked out the most recent as possibly the worst of the lot. It was the way we were tricked into thinking it was going to return to the high-speed platforming of yore, then discovered it was mostly just a rubbish game about a werehog. Rubbish.

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  • lDEFYl

    poor old sonic…maybe someday Sega can bring back what was on the Dreamcast to a current-gen console (Sonic Adventures) …those were the best

  • Jack

    Wasn’t Sonic Unleashed the one with the werehog? Ah, no matter.