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Top 5 worst character reinventions

Top 5 worst character reinventions

Makeovers are for women not game characters. Here are five reasons why…


Cole – InFamous
Now look, if you got set-up to look like a terrorist by an evil secret organisation, you’d be pretty grumpy, even if you did get some pretty cool superpowers as a side effect. You wouldn’t bounce back from the shock in no time looking like some guy from a Pepsi MAX advert.


Price – Call Of Duty
This guy’s had a couple of different reinventions in his time. We didn’t mind him turning from a plummy World War II officer into a gruff, modern-day SAS hard case in Call Of Duty 4, but in Modern Warfare 2, while he seems the same character on the surface, he’s become a total lunatic. We liked him better when he was a mate we could trust, not some freak running around, talking in riddles like a cheap Doctor Who impersonator.


Max Payne – Max Payne
They made him fat and bald. When did getting fat and bald every improve anyone? Never, that’s when. And he’s not even the good kind of fat, i.e. funny and comical, he’s just all miserable and dirty and depressing. Can you imagine what the inside of his pants must smell like? Eurgh!


Baraka – Mortal Kombat
The toning down of violence in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe was bad news for the entire Mortal Kombat roster, but slash-happy Baraka was hit harder than most. He still manages to shed a bit of blood, but his fatality is little more than a stab in the chest. That’s child’s play compared to a decapitation or ripping a person’s torso free of the rest of their body.


The Prince – Prince Of Persia
Now, it might look a bit weird that we’re knocking Ubisoft for making a chirpy character moody, when we already had a go at Sucker Punch for cheering up a proper misery guts, but it isn’t a question of angry being better than happy or vice versa. It’s a question of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Warrior Within has to be one of the worst examples of this principle being completely ignored ever.

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  • Stefan

    WOW! Bad list, tbh. You haven’t even bally well played inFAMOUS 2 you stupid bounders. Cole is cartoony in the Gameinformer scans. You people actually get paid for this? GOSH!

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    I’m sorry Stefan, I don’t quite understand your point, old chap. I haven’t played InFamous 2, but I know what Cole looks like in InFamous 2. I don’t need to look at Game Informer scans, as I have screenshots direct from Sony. Can’t post them here though. Still under embargo dontcha know, what!

  • Tomas

    I don’t know. The Prince has had several makeovers, some very positive ones. You haven’t seen the new Cole in actual gameplay (But he’s the reason you got the idea of course, so you had to include him) and I’m sure you’d say the same if he switched from his new kinda smexy look to his old self. I’m sure you (or even more likely I) could find better examples. I know it’s a personal opinion and all that, but since it seems so little original and all that. Well, well, it could be worse.

  • billy

    crap post how about some comparison pics w/ the old characters duh!

  • Drusus

    Stefan dude. most of us in the industry get images and video sent to us way before we can print them. As for not playing InFamous 2, its a list about character design changes, you only need to look at the character design. Oh and pay, that must be some magical thing people outside this industry get and I’m part of one of the big guns. I liked this article, The Prince change annoyed me, mind you so did his vocal change for the reboot and his facial change for the new game. Can’t we just have lovable sands prince back?

  • selits

    Seriously dude, nobody has even seen or played the final version of inFamous 2 and you already add him to a “Top 5 worst character reinventions” list? Thats stupidity. Don’t cry over the change and actually wait for the game to come out or at least more details before another dumb list is made.

    I hope they make him look even gayer. I’ll still play it and it will be fun to see people cry about it.

  • Zeno

    Ha you folk(s?) At play talk funny. So stereotypically British and all that. Eh, never mind. Secret screenshots from Sony? You’re quite the concpiracy-ist.

    And Stefan, are you comparing a video game character, finished in development after hours of planning and designing to some dodgy concept art? Jheeze.

    Anyway, on this list should of been Uriel Septim VII from The Elder Scrolls 🙂

  • ManaReaper

    The “moody” Prince was being hunted down by the guardian of the timeline. Don’t know about, but if I was being hunted by something I couldn’t kill, so much so that I couldn’t even sleep, I’d be pretty moody too.

  • Brits are fruits

    What a terrible article. Quit tagging on the new Cole you “hit” wanting wankers. inFamous 2 will be a killer game, hopefully with tons of new stuff. And who’s to say the HERO footage shown is what he will look like. I just might make him über evil. Nothing but bullshit. Your article fails so hard. Go catch a big red ball…losers

  • bfgwy

    Wow what a crappy article.

  • Tomas

    Yeah, but he’s writing an article for people that haven’t seen the images. So this list could easily wait.

  • Gamester101

    “I’m sorry Stefan, I don’t quite understand your point, old chap. I haven’t played InFamous 2, but I know what Cole looks like in InFamous 2. I don’t need to look at Game Informer scans, as I have screenshots direct from Sony. Can’t post them here though. Still under embargo dontcha know, what!”

    A valid point. Wait, no. You talk about Price’s personality as part of the redesign. You can’t judge Cole’s redesign until you’ve actually seen his personality.

  • Navin

    Sam Fisher, Splinter Cell. The original Sam was badass, that whoopsie in Double Agent and Conviction wasn’t.

  • sapa

    I hope than Cole don´t become a “The_most_super_popular_institute_guy_with_cool_tattoos” puah! A typical stupid prototyped boy.

  • Matt

    I don’t understand why no one is mad when a woman gets hotter from original to sequel, but if a guy gets hotter (Infamous 2), everyone gets so angry about it. They want Cole to be hot and more appealing and that is an intelligent decision.

  • jacksk

    crap list cole and captain price are some of the best chracters in all of gaming

  • Marsher

    Try putting comparison picks up so we get a better idea of why you dislike the character changes.

  • Maester

    Poorly written and structured article – you do not even post comparison images. Seems like you put 10 mintutes work into this.

  • Vega

    This is a poopy list…. Seems like you’re just trying to ride the ‘new Cole’ wave. And honestly, after seeing all of the scans in GI, the new cole actually looks a bit more badass. In the first game, he looked like a normal guy… in this one, he looks more like he could be a hero or villain. Plus, you used a shot of ‘villain’ Cole to compare w/ GI’s ‘good’ Cole… the ‘good’ Cole in the first game didn’t look nearly as bad ass as the pic you used.

  • This is by far the worst list ever.
    1)Infamous 2’s comic look is better for the game. Remember when people had the same complaint about Crackdown, and it turned out amazing. good enough in fact to create a cult following and a sequel.
    2)Price is different in every Call of Duty game. If you had any ability to research or play games you should know that.
    3)Max Payne is a dark gritty, against-the-grain character, his new look is great for him. i bet you myself sperm producing biological body part that most fans love the look and are interested in seeing how Max got that way.
    4)Baraka isnt the only character that has suffered fro the hands of society’s refusal to place blame where it is due. Every character is the MK franchise has, in fact this thinking almost killed the series. Thank God for Warner Bros. and the new MK Rebirth trailer. i think a realistic approach to MK will do it good.
    5) You win on the prince i hate the look
    In closing looks are not always what they appear to be. some game have great graphics and design but crappy game play, and vice versa. Do not be so quick to judge especially when the game has not be released yet and no footage is known of. Be fair, not stupid.

  • rofl

    How can you pretend you know of Cole from infamous 2 looks ?

    You’ve seen tiny pics that are and mostly artwork posturing and no video .

    What’s next judging the art of a comicbooks via its 3 page preview on Newsarama ?

  • Wow… you really done a whoopsie this time Gavin Mackenzie.
    You are fired …

    signing out

  • Leg3nd

    i would put the prince’s makeover as a best reinvention, those kind of character transitions are awesome when the guy goes from good and innocent to dark and pissed off. Drakengard 2 had it i think where the hero of the first game becomes practically the villan of the second. And Price was still cool.

  • Anonymouse

    I completely agree with how rediculous the change in Cole is.
    In the article I read when the news first came up I was completely turned off by the news he was going to be like some sort of extreme’s sports athelete. It was described as what if like Tony Hawk or similar suddenly got these powers.
    F*** that

  • Jerome

    Price from the old Call of Duties and Price from Modern Warfare aren’t the same guy. Yes, they play the same roles in both games (being your commanding officer, and having the same personality) but thats it. If anything Price from MW is just the spiritual sucessor to Price in CoD (similar to how most people believe Super Mario Galaxy is the spirtual sucessor to Super Mario 64).

    Heck, if both Price were the same, then he would of never aged (like Richard from LOST), don’t forget, the older CoD games took place in World War 2 (1940s) and Price was already mature and an adult…fast forward 60 years later to Modern Warfare, and Price is still the same age?

  • Joel

    Will people stop moaning about the articles. Every article which isn’t serious gets hammered with comments from boring people. I’m bored and very tired and reading these comments made me more bored and tired

  • nate

    Yeah… I’m with everyone else on this… And the whole Price thing from CoD… Maybe the fact that he had been locked up by the Russians for god knows how long, had something to do with him being a lunatic… And by the way… They’re video game characters. They’re not real. Who cares? Really… Go do something productive.

  • if you like reading super terrible articles just search for anything written by the this article’s writer. besides that what the comment section is for. to comment on things if you dont know that or cant get it them entertain yourself with a disco ball, a coloring book, or what ever else it is that dim witted nimrods like you do.

  • by the why this article sucks

  • SeesheKitu

    Articles like – Top 10 this, worst 4 that, best 27, biggest RANDOM NUMBER bla bla = FAIL

  • stupid site.

    most stupidest list ever. must be having a slow day.
    i thought i would have a laugh at this list but it wasn’t even funny.
    you could of put more thought into it.
    these character changes were alright actually.

    What about say… bomberman zero ?