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Top 5 Videogame Guest Appearances

Top 5 Videogame Guest Appearances

There’s been a little talk recently that Kratos could be making an appearance in the new Mortal Kombat game. It wouldn’t be the first time the Ghost Of Sparta had dropped in to a brawl having also joined the cast of Soul Calibur on PSP. It did get us thinking about some other great cameo’s from gaming past though. Here are our favourites.

Phil Collins in GTA: Vice city – A bizarre cameo in so much as who would ever have thought to put Phil Collins in any videogame, let alone a Grand Theft Auto one? It all makes sense on the context of the 80’s setting we guess, but it still seems strange. Don’t expect to see Collins in any other game.

KISS in tony Hawk’s Underground – Perhaps this was the beginning of the end of the Tony Hawk series in a way, but at the time the appearance of KISS in this game was pretty amazing. Of course it’s the set up to a great level and for the time it was a pretty amazing recreation of a KISS show.

Vyse and Aika in Valkyria Chronicles – These two appearing in VC probably would have passed a lot of people by, but if Vyse and Aika from Skies Of Arcadia rang a few bells then you know you are the hardest of the hardcore. That’s some top cameo spotting soldier.

Apes in Metal Gear Solid 3 – We love the Apes from Ape Escape on Play and seeing them in MGS3 was a real highlight. Of course it was a damn fine game anyway, but the appearance of the Apes took it up a significant notch. More apes in games please.

Darth Vader in Soul Calibur IV – Ridiculous, non-sensical, but brilliant. On PS3 we got the much better end of the bargain having Darth Vader join the cast of Soul Calibur IV (of course he was made available as DLC later, but we didn’t need to pay). Once you had his combos down, he was unstoppable.

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