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Top 5 US Presidents In Games

Top 5 US Presidents In Games

Sticking American Presidents in videogames? Seems like the in thing to do this year, but actually it’s old hat. We’ve seen it all before. This year’s entries have been among the best ever though, so here’s a run down of our favourite and most memorable appearances.

JFK (Black Ops) – The most recent, the most astonishing and probably the most controversial, meeting Kennedy is no big deal, but playing as him in the defense of the Pentagon against a zombie horde is quite another. Still, it will live long in the memory.

Bill Clinton (NBA Jam) – Another bizarre appearance that made little to no sense, but then that was NBA Jam. It made little to no sense. The most important thing was that it was fun and didn’t take anything seriously, which goes some way to explaining why Bill Clinton was brought into the game.

Barack Obama (Madden 11/NBA 2K11) – The sitting President has had the honour of appearing in two games this year, possibly besting all his predecessors in the process. In both instances he was not a playable character, but would take part in a photo op with the winning team from the respective competition at the end of a season.

Abraham Lincoln (Civ Rev) – Possibly the least accurate depiction of a President, Abe is still a lot of fun when you meet him in Civilization Revolution. He declares your nation to be stupid and weak, then you tell him to shove off, then he declares war on you and then you crush him and force him to beg for forgiveness.

George W. Bush (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) – We doubt George will be making an appearance in the final game, but this piece of concept art for Eidos Montreal’s upcoming Deus Ex prequel does feature him as a potential mass murderer. Perhaps the Canadian dev team has a beef there.

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