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Top 5 third party titles that must come to PS3

Top 5 third party titles that must come to PS3

On the back of the news that Valve has employed three former key staff members from Uncharted developer Naughty Dog, and inspired by games industry analyst Michael Pachter’s comments about it being a mistake for companies not to develop for the PS3, here’s the five games at the top of our ‘please make this for the PS3’ list. If you disagree with our choices slap your thoughts down in the comments field below. Remember, sweary comments will not be approved.


Metro 2033

Recently released on the PC and 360, atmospheric FPS Metro 2033 has garnered a much more favourable critical response than anyone expected. It’s a tall order for 4A Games, a small, independent developer with its roots in PC development, to produce a PS3 title, but with a debut as good as this, here’s hoping it happens some day.


Splinter Cell Conviction
When we first saw Conviction we were, to be honest, pretty glad it wasn’t coming to the PS3, but Ubisoft Montreal has since been back to the drawing board, almost started again from scratch and come back with a much more appealing proposition. Now we want it and, given what’s happened in the past with ‘exclusive’ Splinter Cell titles, we expect we’ll get it eventually.


Portal 2
Few developers have been as vocal about their complete lack of support for the PS3 than Valve, which to be honest might be because people from Valve get asked about it a lot because Valve makes such awesome games, including Portal of course. The first Portal did appear on the PS3 (although Valve did not handle the PS3 port of The Orange Box), but there are currently no plans to bring Portal 2 over to the Sony side. Boo!


Mass Effect
Ever since the day EA announced that it had bought BioWare, we’ve been saying “This means Mass Effect on PS3… this means Mass Effect on PS3…” and we haven’t once wavered from our belief that it will happen. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day and for the rest of the Mass Effect trilogy. We can feel it in our bones.


Left 4 Dead
Valve has two titles in this list because Valve is a truly exceptional developer that makes truly exceptional games. We’d have put Half-Life 2: Episode 3 on this list too, only it technically hasn’t been announced for any platforms yet, so it doesn’t really count. The Left 4 Dead games count though, both having come out on PC and 360 and both being probably the best, most atmospheric, most original co-op shooters ever. The PS3 wants Left 4 Dead like zombies want braaaaaaains.

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  • me

    only one game on there that i waNT on ps3… Mass effect..
    portal 2 and L4D is not that great (well i dont know yet about portal 2). velve dont make that god games no more.
    splinter cell.. after i had a crack at the demo, then i dont care about it at all.

    and metro 2033?? the xbox version is geting slayed by rewievers. what will happen to ps3 version?


    A mortal Kratos, has destroyed all that was wrought by third party developers!!!

    God of War3 freaking pwned everything in True EPIC FORM

  • HeavY

    4 of these 5 games are FPS, we don’t need that cr@p on the PS3

  • Reigen

    im suprised
    the ps3 isnt mising out on much
    Just mass affect

  • ppSucks

    Nope, the PS3 has better options for all those genres.. no need for second rate games.

    Now create a “third party titles that must come to the 360” article. At least considering that the 360 has hardly no games, and the worst library these last few years and into the future… they could use some games.

  • a different me

    yup. mass effect is the only game out of that list really worth mentioning. so i went and bought a xbox just for mass effect. but there are numerous rumors its coming to ps3 soon.

  • ROFL

    you know whats hysterical? All these titles are on PC. Now you know why people say PC+PS3 is the best combo this gen.

    oh, and left 4 dead series sucks, stop pimpin it like its something worth talking about.


    @ HeavY: wrong… 3 out of 5 are FPS.

  • Brock Danger

    Wow, defensive much? I take it you guys only own one system (at least in your minds). Portal is great, and a full-length sequel is something not to be missed out on. And L4D is about as fun as an online game gets. Splinter Cell isn’t out yet, but the pedigree behind that franchise has certainly earned them a good amount of credibility.

    The only game up there that I’m iffy on is Metro 2033, just started playing it. Obviously Mass Effect is a definite, should be on every console so more people get to enjoy it.

  • Brian

    “Now create a “third party titles that must come to the 360″ article.”

    The problem with that is most third party PS3 games are already on the 360. The PS3 games 360 gamers would want are Sony’s games.

  • I

    just to mention portal and left 4 dead would like crap on the ps3, but if they make a portal ps3 exclusive title that ould be different or make a similar game to left 4 dead

  • lDEFYl

    agree with this list 100%,especially Conviction, and Portal 2 🙁

  • Kris

    While I agree with the idea that the Mass Effect series, Portal, and Left 4 Dead series should see the light of day on Sony’s console, I would still be hesitant to recommend them to anybody with a suitable PC. While ME2 was a fantastic adventure, and Left 4 Dead had some pretty explosive gameplay, I felt that both these titles felt much more at home on the PC.

    First, they were designed as PC titles, and control much better with the superior interface that is the keyboard and mouse. The mouse and keyboard are much closer to the original vision of these games that no other control method works as well.

    Second, when it comes to Valve games, Portal and L4D have a tremendous mod community. While both games are slightly more closed than the other hits from Valve’s history, the communities still exist for additional content that you can’t get on a console. While Sony is actually marketing this community interaction with their Play, Create, Share games, but it still isn’t anywhere near how open the mod communities for Valve games can be.

    However, when it comes to Splinter Cell…the jury is still out for me. While I’m sure Splinter Cell will be an enjoyable stealth action game, I haven’t yet been hooked as readily as I feel I should be. It seems like ages since its original announcement and, while I was excited for it back then, that excitement seems to have waned. The one thing that stuck with me with all the past Splinter Cell games was the fantastic 2v2 multiplayer from some of the past iterations. With this new one having less of an interesting multiplayer hook, I might have to jot it down for a ‘wait and see’.

    Finally, Metro 2033 simply looks too mediocre for me to want it on anything.

  • Hazamat

    Youre funny. The Xbox has had the worse library these past years? Maybe last year but dont exaggerate. And they do have games. U just dont play them.

    Anyways, I would love a Left 4 Dead type game for the PS3. Im not into rpgs that much so Mass Effect is a pass for me, but i know its a great game. I’d say bring them all in.

  • Jonbhoy05

    hey what about HALO thats the game i really want to come out on PS3