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Top 5 strip clubs in games

Top 5 strip clubs in games

Duke Nukem: Time To Kill
Not to be confused with the Destiny’s Child song of the same name, Bootylicious is (probably) Duke Nukem’s favourite strip club. At least it is until a bunch of heavily armed pigs show up and totally ruin the seedy yet erotic atmosphere of the place.

Mass Effect 2
It doesn’t matter where you go in the galaxy, an Asari table dance is always the same. But the drinks can vary in strength dramatically from planet to planet, so take care. They’re especially strong in Afterlife, so don’t drink too many or you might miss some blue boobies.

Technically Legal
Saints Row 2
It seems a shame to storm into a place of such natural beauty as Technically Legal and kill everyone in sight, but needs must. It’s a Ronin stronghold and therefore has to be taken over. If a few strippers get caught in the crossfire, so be it. They can always be replaced.

Grand Theft Auto IV
GTA has had more different strip clubs in it than any other game series and Honkers, while it might not have the best name (that’d be Pole Position in Vice City), does have the best girls. Only in GTA IV can you get a two-girl lap dance.

New Zack Island Casino
Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2
Zack’s Casino isn’t technically a strip club, but if you keep getting the jackpot nine times on Christie’s ‘The Target’ slot machine, you keep getting rewarded with pole dancing sequences. What we like best, apart from the physics-defying breasts, is the cold, dead look in the girls’ eyes as they perform. It adds an extra layer of realism.

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  • Conor w

    what about true crime streets of la?When you go in to the strip club to investigate you have to fight all d strippers.:D

  • The Saboteur. With the cheat of course.

  • DH

    “…the cold, dead look in the girls’ eyes as they perform. It adds an extra layer of realism.”

    HAHAHA Man this part got me.

  • Dave Moore

    you know what bugs me about gta though? we can see a mans penis but we aren’t allowed to see the girls nipples,what the hell is that all about?

  • kris

    my friend and I played gta iv when we went to the stripclub his mum came in i coudnt stop lauging hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • darth_Vader25

    or duke nukem forever it has a good strip club too or duke nukem 3d shake it baby

  • darth_Vader25

    Nah I did not really like time to kill strip club the girls was not naked at all