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Top 5 short characters in games

Top 5 short characters in games

Napoleon: Total War
‘The Little Tyrant’ wasn’t actually very little at all. He’s thought to have been 5’ 7”, which was about average for the period. Accordingly, his character model in his very own game is medium in stature. The belief that he was especially short is thought to have come from the British press of the time, who sought to mock him in any way possible.

Yagum Bagarn
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Ever wondered why there are no dwarves in Oblivion? It might be because having especially small characters can be a bit of a nightmare from a game design point of view. However, and perhaps this is just a coincidence, in the previous Elder Scrolls game, it’s revealed that all of the dwarves (or Dwemer) in Tamriel have disappeared bar one, namely Yagum Bagarn.

Goldeneye 007
Oddjob is one of the most controversial characters in multiplayer FPS history. He is a smaller target than every other character, and therefore gives anyone playing as him an advantage. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to both sides of the ‘debate’. There is no debate really though – choosing Oddjob is indefensible cheating.

Dragon Age: Origins
Sandal is a dwarven enchanter who appears to be mentally deficient,. But should not be underestimated. It’s thought that exposure to lyrium has rendered him incapable of communicating with more than one word at a time, but my also have granted him extraordinary powers in combat, should he ever need to defend himself. Rumour has it, he’ll make a return in Dragon Age II.

Soul Calibur IV
Like Oddjob in Goldeneye, Yoda is a bit of a cheap character thanks to his diminutive build, but unlike Oddjob he’s a Grand Master Jedi and, as such, is worshipped like a god among many geek communities. For that reason, we forgive his cheapness and celebrate his green, shortness.

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