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Top 5 scary ladies in games

Top 5 scary ladies in games

Dante’s Inferno
I wasn’t so much scared of Cleopatra herself when I played this particular section of Dante’s Inferno. More scared that someone thought it up. Someone who probably has a family and lives in a suburb and drives an SUV and hosts barbecues at the weekend if the weather’s good. Babies with blades for arms come out of her nipples – it’s really not normal.

Big Sister
BioShock 2
Big Daddy’s aren’t really that scary. You leave them alone, they leave you alone. So you really can plan ahead if you fancy taking one on. With a Big Sister you just get that warning telling you she’ll be here soon, so you’d better look busy, and the only sane, normal thing to do is panic. I’m inevitably standing out in the open with no ammo by the time she arrives.

Silent Hill
There’s a variety of different nurse types in Silent Hill, none of whom has good bedside manner. They’re supposed to be some kind of horribly distorted manifestation of your sexual desires. Sounds about right. Quick tip: DO NOT ever let one of these ladies take your temperature.

Alma Wade
It never really becomes exactly clear who or what Alma is and you never really know whether you’re seeing her for real or seeing her in visions that she has somehow induced in you. One thing I do know, when she showed up in that helicopter I dropped the pad on the floor in shock then cried all the way through the end credits.

Sunken Woman
Project Zero II (Fatal Frame II): Crimson Butterfly
Oh God, I just watched it again on YouTube and now I’m sitting here shivering slightly. On the long wooden bridge to Kurosawa Mansion your camera senses something in the water. You take a picture of the water and see a “floating woman” in the print. Then the game view switches to your face and a hand dangling down from above appears briefly in front of your face. It’s the floating woman, now active, hostile, ‘sunken’ and hovering directly above your head.
One of the best survival horror moments ever. Honestly, I feel a little bit sick now.

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