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Top 5 opening sequences

Top 5 opening sequences

Guitar Hero: Metallica
The purpose of an opening sequence should be to set the tone and get you into your ‘role’, and these goals are achieved to perfection by the opening sequence of Guitar Hero: Metallica. Emerging from darkness into a packed arena to the sound of 60,000 roars of adoration and, of course, Ennio Morricone’s The Ecstacy Of Gold, then launching seamlessly into For Whom The Bell Tolls – you ar­e Metallica. Why neither Aerosmith nor Van Halen got similar introductions in their games, we don’t really know.

What better way to introduce us to what LittleBigPlanet was all about then having us run Sackboy through an opening credit sequence made using the game’s very own tools? The icing on the cake is Stephen Fry talking us through the whole thing in his own uniquely charming style, while the deliciously fruity jam filling comes in the form of the Noveltones’ Left Bank Two, a piece of music that just means arts and crafts, certainly to British ears. In short, the whole thing is just perfect.

Onimusha: Warlords
It might be almost ten years old now, but Onimusha’s opening FMV movie still stands out as one of the best ever made. Approximately $8 million was pumped into this lavish project, a huge budget for the time, and we reckon a fair chunk of that must’ve gone into the first five minutes. It feels like a proper movie, with an epic soundtrack and top-notch cinematic direction. Even on a technical level it’s aged pretty damn well.

Brütal Legend
Brütal Legend’s opening cut-scene is a ridiculously over-the-top spectacular of blood, fire, comedy and metal, and that’s awesome enough, but underneath all the theatrics it’s also a cleverly worked introduction to a character with a lot more depth and subtlety that first appears. It’s not wholly apparent at the time, but Eddie’s monologue about what makes a good roadie is actually telling you what the game as a whole is really about beyond just guitars and demons and all that other awesome stuff.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare 2 might have gone silly and spoiled the ongoing narrative pretty badly, but in its own right Call Of Duty 4 still had some of the best storytelling moments in any game ever and, for my money, the most effective opening sequence ever. It uses the semi-playable first-person view to set the scene in a way that only a game can. You’re driven through a city in the midst of a coup while revolutionary leader Khaled Al-Asad addresses the nation on the radio. Only at the very end of the sequence does it become clear that it is you that has been overthrown, you that is about to be executed and you that can do absolutely nothing about it. It’s videogame convention turned on its head to superb dramatic effect.

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  • adra

    onimusha 3 oppening is better than warlords.
    and #1 should be legacy of kain soul reaver. (my opinion of course)


    Where the F**K is God of War3’s Opening Sequence,Heavy Rain’s Opening Sequence??

  • Fernando H Weber

    bioshock opening is the best one ever, where is it?

  • Lurgan

    lol? where are Metal Gear Solid 3 and God of War 3 ? bullpoo article

  • thenoob

    Where is Final Fantasy VIII intro sequence? Its cinematic effects are quite remarkable

  • Jay Dee

    What about Final Fantasy VIII????

  • Aaron Colas

    Why not doing some real game journalism work and stop polluting the web with the “TOP 5 this and TOP 10 that” bullcrap?

    Go out there and report!

    Your list sucks anyway.

  • delucidine

    HUH? this is probably the worst top 5 ive seen. how much were you paid to put this up?

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    Sorry for not writing a ‘Top 5 most obvious opening sequences’ everybody.

  • Nacho

    This is really a terrible list. I know it’s an opinion, but you’ve really missed quite a few winners. Final Fantasy VIII and BioShock were mentioned by previous posters, and there are countless others I would put ahead of the ones you’ve listed here. Guitar Hero: Metallica is the 5th best opening sequence in the history of games? Really?

  • WTF!?

    No Uncharted 2 of God of War 3!!!!!!!!

  • Barz

    “Top 5 most obvious opening sequences”? You have Call of Duty 4 as #1 and THAT isn’t obvious?

  • AZZA91

    @ Gavin Mackenzie
    Sadly this is what happens when you post articles on n4g.

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    I never said that none of the games was obvious – it’s not the Top 5 obscure opening sequences either.

  • Barz

    Ok…So they aren’t the top 5 most ‘obvious’ choices based off of your first comment (even if you picked one of the top selling series’ games), and they aren’t the most obscure, what are they? Just 5 opening sequences that aren’t hidden gems and aren’t the most popular…ok…

    Props to you for writing something and having it published, but this just kind of seems hastily put together without much substance. Sorry mate =/

  • Greg

    Uncharted 2 should definitely be up there. Starting a game hanging from a train on the side of a cliff? That and Bioshock are my two favorites, by far.

  • I love the opening sequences in Oblivion and BioShock. Those are my favorites, actually.

  • Terror

    Come on guys, it’s his opinion, let him have his opinion. You can decide your own top 5 but just don’t bash him. Gosh.

  • metal gear solid 4

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  • James Steele

    Although I hadn’t played half life. I think half life 2: chapter one was a great opening. As you go into peoples rooms and it really makes you feel involved in the game from the start.

  • dfsdga

    ….And I thought the list of the top 10 video game endings was bad. This is quite possibly the worst list I have ever seen in my entire life. Gave me a good laugh though.

  • TheTruth

    These 5 games are easily better than all those God Of War 3, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Uncharted 2, and Heavy Rain!!!!!

  • Tim

    Hey! It’s his OPINION! I know some you posters are a little pissed that your favorite games didn’t make a list. These are GAVIN’S top 5, not yours. If you are so mad about it, make your own list, and then watch as people call your list terrible and the worst top 5 ever. I personally think that other games had better openings, but I’m not berating Gavin because I don’t like his opinions. Be a real gamer and respect him!

  • Trekster_Gamer

    That list was lame except for COD4

    Half Life
    Wing Commander III

  • lDEFYl

    My list would be…
    1- Kingdom Hearts
    2- MGS4
    3- Bioshock
    4- LBP
    5- COD4

  • will_c_75

    the best opening sequence i have seen in awhile was for sacred 2, it starts off with some cleric yelling then it goes into an awesome 80’s hair metal video

  • ahhh

    bullmess list omg

  • Quazimodo_ni

    ur all “silly little geese” bull”mess”ers

  • Sean

    My fav’s would have to be these:

    5. The Darkness
    4. Uncharted 2
    3. God of War 3
    2. Bioshock
    1. MGS 4

    And yea give Gavin a break, can’t a guy have an opinion.