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Top 5 movie tributes in games

Top 5 movie tributes in games

True Lies – Heavy Rain
Now, when I played Heavy Rain, this scene was nothing like the one in True Lies because I’m not a sad perv, so I just hit him with the lamp straight away. This one’s not really that good, but I had to put it in because it has women’s bottoms in it. Okay, so I am a sad perv, just not that sad.

Back To The Future – Burnout Paradise
The Jansen 88 Special from Burnout’s Legendary Cars DLC pack bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain time-travelling Delorean. It can even fip its wheel up under itself and fly, and leaves flaming tyre tracks in its wake whenever it goes over 88 mph.

Star Wars – Dead Rising 2
You cannot make lightsabers in Dead Rising 2. Absolutely not. You can make laser swords, but that’s completely different and therefore not infringing on any trademarks, copyright or intellectual property. Any extraordinarily close resemblance between laser swords and lightsabers is entirely unintentional and coincidental.

Blues Brothers – Skate 2
The first Skate had a pretty awesome live-action opening sequence. So good that there was only one way to top it in Skate 2 – paying tribute to The Blues Brothers. After all, everybody needs somebody to pick them up when they get out of jail.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
One of the finest GTA missions ever is ‘Just Business’ in which you escape a gang of pursuers on a dirt bike, at one point speeding through Los Santos’ flood control channels in a deliberate homage to the flood control chase in Terminator 2. The bit where the truck smashes off the top of the bridge is pure gaming gold.

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  • Miami

    You are reaching on most of these. Plus where is the scarface reference in GTA: Vice City. That one is an actual tribute.

  • Sam Vernoholica

    There is some brilliant tributes there, the best one in my opinion has got to be the Terminator 2 rip off from Rockstars San Andreas. Awesome…