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Top 5 most underrated games so far this year

Top 5 most underrated games so far this year

We’ll have no argument about this one. I have taken three factors into account when compiling this list:

a) The game’s sales


b) The game’s review scores

…must be low.


c) The game must actually be good

And I have used a very fair, balanced, scientific system to choose the top 5. Honestly I have.

But if you still want to argue, I suppose I don’t mind. So go on then…


Alpha Protocol
People who only like shooting games failed to look beyond the ropey combat and see that which was genuinely innovative about the first game veteran studio Obsidian can call its very own. The ingenious dialogue and story systems make for a brilliantly engaging experience.


3D Dot Game Heroes
Criticising this game for relying too heavily on charm is like criticising Half-Life 2 for relying to heavily on graphics, physics, characterisation, shooting, puzzles, story and attention-to-detail. It’s an absolutely bloody lovely game and if say anything different I’ll stab with a sword over three times my size.


After a long and slightly troublesome development period, Blur came out and proved that the whole Mario Kart with real cars idea could work. But despite positive reviews, Activision might now be wondering why it spent an undisclosed, presumably pretty large, sum on Bizarre Creations. Blur has bombed.


Metro 2033
Sure it wasn’t the slickest, most polished game ever, but Metro 2033 was worth playing if only for the atmosphere and immersion of its remarkably believable game world. If you care about originality then you have to give Metro 2033 a chance.


Resonance Of Fate
JRPGs get knocked for being formulaic and derivative then when one comes along with the courage to do things differently, it takes flak for being too hard and too inaccessible. Makes you wonder whether some game reviewers wouldn’t be better off writing about Wii games.

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  • Sean

    I brought Alpha Protocol pretty much as soon as it came out and your right,the combat can be alittle ropey but underneath all that it’s a brillaint RPG. I haven’t played the rest, but I’ve had my eyes on that Resonance of Fate for a while.

  • noctis

    Resonance Of Fate one of the best rpg games i have played !!
    plus nier and lost planet 2 are underrated too …

  • Griefy

    I gotta say, I purchased Alpha Protocol and Resonance of Fate. Alpha Protocol could use a patch (which they are working on) but overall a good game. Its even dropped to $40. If anything, its worth that price but I am happy with my $60 purchase.

    Now Resonance of Fate, now that there I hold higher than Final Fantasy XIII. It had, story, character development, and combat that really didn’t get stale. Also has a New Game+ feature. To bad it was overlooked very quickly and the game itself had an accessible manual at pretty much any point in the game.

    Blur… well in Blur’s case there were three problems for me. 1) There’s this game called Split/Second which had somewhat of a story and theme. Hell, that game was frigging brilliant. 2) Its pretty much a cart racer with cars. I grew out of that ages ago unfortunately. 3) Its an Activision product. With all the cost screwing Activision has done with their customers and unforgivably buggy they have been recently, they don’t deserve a penny from me and I don’t plan to ever buy a product produced by them.

  • R1ft3d

    I absolutely adored 3D dot game heroes, it is great to unwind at the end of the day. And Resonance of Fate brings back all of the things that FFXIII stripped from my beloved JRPG’s, highly recommend to anyone who likes quirky JRPG titles.

  • crimsontyrs

    I agree Alpha Protocol is awesome it so didn’t get the sores it should have.

  • rgoff31

    Most of these games have been buried by other big name titles coming out in an already crowded gaming release schedule. Just picked on NFS:Shift for that same reason, too many games when it came out. I really enjoyed the demo but didn’t have the cash or time when it came out. Maybe more companies need to release demos on the Console stores?

  • Threaten me with your oversized novelty sword all you want, but 3D Dot Game Heroes suffered from some severely bad design flaws. I really wanted to love it, but it became really apparent that the game was, simply, made by some tech folks to show off their graphics engine. That’s it.

    Alpha Protocol is next on my when-I-find-it-at-a-reasonable-price list, but for my money Resonance of Fate is one of the best games of the year. I could go on and on about it, but to break it down quick:

    -unique art direction!
    -wonderful character design!
    -incredibly gorgeous, engaging combat!
    -fantastic localization and peerless voice work by the leads!

  • Starknight

    Alpha Protocol should be considered as a game that aims to breakthrough the mold in so many aspects. In an age of mindless Call Of Duty freaks who can’t seem to stop running rampant without thinking, this gem stands as the most underrated game of the decade!

    I sincerely hope Obsidian gets the rights from SEGA and consider working on a next project based on this wonderful engine. I am sold to Michael Thornton and his weird but fun antics.

    Who knows, we might be even be hearing about some Omega Protocol game in a few years? Looking forward to it.

    From the bottom of my heart, Kudos to the Obsidian Team who worked on this wherever you guys are.

    I am a proud owner of this great game you made.