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Top 5 main characters Darksiders 2 could use

Darksiders, released at the beginning of this year, was a very good game and one I’ve been meaning to get back to at some point (now for what is approaching 11 months). Fortunately it sold well enough to merit a sequel, and while we won’t be seeing it until around 2013 we do know that the main character will no longer be War. But who will it be? SPECULATE-O-TRON: GO!

Strife, Fury or Death:
Boring, obvious answer. NEXT.

Metatron (the Alan Rickman version)
God’s Voice would be an ideal character to play as, especially if voiced by the relaxing drawl of Alan Rickman. We would also accept his rendition of Hans Gruber for the player’s character.

Monkey (from Enslaved)
Let’s be honest – he’s likely to need work after the poor public reception to Enslaved. We would also accept Sam Gideon from Vanquish for many of the same reasons.

Charles Barkley
And why not?

Rachel Bilson
Because nepotism rules.

Because there’s always the chance that Danny Bilson is lying.

Yes, that’s (more than) six.

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  • Jim

    What a waste of an article. Really, you take that news that THQ put out and this is the speculation that you come up with. Shameful!