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Top 5 Greatest PlayStation Assassins

Top 5 Greatest PlayStation Assassins

Ubisoft has confirmed its follow-up to last year’s smash hit Assassin’s Creed II will be the multiplayer-tastic Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. You will now be leading a group of assassins in Rome, taking the fight to the Templar Order. It could well be pushing for game of the year again if the last title was any indication. Anyway, it got us think about some of the best assassins on PlayStation and frankly there were a few, but here are our favs.

EzioEzio Auditore Di Firenze – Since we’re on the topic we may as well pay some credit to Ezio, the star of Assassin’s Creed II. He was significantly more skilled than Altaïr by the end of the game and had a much greater of variety of killing moves to call about for his hits. What’s more he’s fighting on the side of free will and expression. We’re all for that.

Agent47Agent 47 – Genetically engineered to be the best hitman in the history of humanity, 47 comes with quite a billing. That’s all well and good of course, but it doesn’t necessarily explain his wonderful use of costumes  inn his killings, which is frankly our favourite thing about him. We respect a man for dresses for the occasion.

JackieEstacadoJackie Estacado – The 21-year old killer from The Darkness is the hitman with a heart, but when his girlfriend is brutally murdered by his former bosses and a hereditary power rears its very ugly heads, Jackie becomes much more. Those familiar with the comics will know more about the lighter side of Estacado, but in the game he’s all business and devilishly brilliant.

TravisTouchdownTravis Touchdown – Soon to be coming to the PS3, Travis must work his way through a slew of assassins in order to be named the number one. Armed with his strobe light sword, kick-ass leather jacket and fine assortment of otaku t-shirts Travis Touchdown is the ultimate game geek turned pro-killer out there. Arguably not a large club to be in charge of though.

DarkBrotherhoodYou (Dark Brotherhood) – Join the Dark Brotherhood in Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion and you’re well on your way to working your way up the ranks of the assassins guild. However, once you start taking orders from the guild’s statue guardian and are told to kill everyone in the Dark Brotherhood, you suddenly take things up a notch. That’s some serious assassining.

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