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Top 5 great series that lost the plot

Top 5 great series that lost the plot


A game series that can go through more than three of four iterations without losing at least some of the magic that made the first couple of titles such classics is a rare thing. A steady decline as a series goes on is common, but some series don’t just gently decline, they dive-bomb in a most spectacular fashion. Here’s five of the worst…

Pro Evolution Soccer
I wrote piece yesterday about how PES had lost its magic and it got picked up by PESfan.com, the most hardcore of Pro Evolution Soccer online communities. I expected a defensive response from the faithful, but instead the consensus seemed to be one of agreement – there hasn’t been a worthy PES game this generation and fans are only still buying it every year out of loyalty. They said it, not me.

Medal Of Honor
There was a time when the Medal Of Honor series looked invincible. 2002 saw the double-whammy releases of both Frontline and Allied Assault and Medal Of Honor was established as the leading war FPS brand. But then some of the key personnel responsible for those games left to form their own company, Infinity Ward. Medal Of Honor Rising Sun and Medal Of Honor European Assault made it easy for Infinity Ward to turn the tables with Call Of Duty and by the time EA found some of what it had lost with Medal Of Honor Airborne it was too late. However, with key personnel moving on from Infinity Ward this year, perhaps this cautionary tale should serve as a warning to Activision.

Tomb Raider
Okay, so it’s true that there’s only ever been one truly crap Tomb Raider game, Angel Of Darkness of course, but even though better games would follow this disastrous release, the series never fully recovered. It was only a matter of time before a better, fresher series came along and made Lara Croft look like some kind of old timer and in 2007 Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune did the honours.

Tony Hawk
The man himself never lost the plot and still remains a skating god, but his branded videogames? Ouch! They make you cringe more than seeing Tony Hawk bail off a loop ramp, flipping backwards and smashing the back of his head against the floor. But they’re not as entertaining. Even before RIDE came along and really made an embarrassment of the whole franchise, the series had clearly run out of ideas and lost its way. Bring back the arcade magic of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, that’s what I say.

Sonic The Hedgehog
The bigger they come, the harder they fall – this old adage was never true in games than of Sonic The Hedgehog. In the Nineties, Sonic was a true gaming icon, second only to Mario, but for the last ten years he’s hardly put a foot right. Please, just let Sonic The Hedgehog 4 be the game that turns it back around for Sonic. Please.

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  • Melroy

    Would Activision’s unrelenting cashcow milking of the Guitar Hero franchise deserve a mention lol? 🙂

  • NRGuitarist

    Agree with all these, except in my opinion the best series to gon this list is Crash Bandicoot.

    The originals on PS1 by Naughty Dog kicked ass, Crash Bash was a fun addition, but after that it went waaaaaaaaay off. The new iterations are just embarassing, with Uka Uka being red and lookin’ like a total jackass and such.

    They really need to leave Crash alone now. Oh, and Spyro too.

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    Spyro and Crash were shortlisted, but they went crap after they were sold off to a new publisher, which isn’t quite the same as losing the plot.

  • Sam0n

    Driver. Oh my god the Driver games. The first one was an absolute jem. The second one took a turn for the worse. And then I like to try and forget about Driv3r and Parallel Lines (incidently also two of the worst game names ever). I’m praying for the next one to reboot it.

  • Sam Vernoholica

    Lets not to mention the rayman series aswell, i mean cmon have you seen it now? First it used to be the classic rayman what we all so loved and adored, now its all gone rabbit style and coo coo. what ever happened to the rayman we once knew, id love a new rayman game (Without the rabbits for heavens sake) to rear its beutiful head again.

  • Aaron

    Sonic doesn’t belong on this list, and Spyro CERTAINY doesn’t. Crash’s ony probem is the forced humor in the game. Video games starring cartoon adventure heroes should never try to be funny, because they aways fail. Leave the lighthearted to Mario where it belongs and treat everything else as serious business, then keep doing it til all the retros fade from the picture.