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Top 5 games where England loses

Top 5 games where England loses


Resistance: Fall Of Man
Alright, so Nathan Hale helps the resistance rid England of the Chimeran menace at the end of Resistance: Fall Of Man, but has England really won? So many lives lost, so many buildings, so much history, so much revenue from tourism… no, in a war this devastating, no one wins.


Hellgate: London
We’re a cynical bunch in England. Most Haunted viewers aside, we’ve little time for superstition, myth or even religion. And this is why when the demon invasion comes in 2020, we will be even less prepared than the rest of the world. Goodbye London as we know it.


Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty
The whole premise of Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty is that England would have been absolutely hopeless against the Third Reich without Winston Churchill and would, in short, have lost.


Sid Meier’s Colonization
Ultimately, the whole point of this game is to declare independence then beat your mother country in a War Of Independence. England is one of four choices of mother country, of course, but in real-life history the main enemy of the United States was England, who lost.


2010 FIFA World Cup
The World Cup starts today and the England team will be playing under the slogan “England expects”. Exactly what England expects isn’t specified, but we all know it’s to be knocked out on penalties in the quarter finals, probably by France or Argentina. We do at least expect to be the USA in our first group match tomorrow though. That’ll be some payback for that whole War Of Independence thing…

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