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Top 5 games to help cope with potentially serious mental issues

Top 5 games to help cope with potentially serious mental issues

Read the full story here. Basically, Tetris (just Tetris) has been found to have a positive effect on people suffering flashbacks to traumatic events/images. It’s a very interesting article and well worth reading.

It would be quite interesting to discuss the implications of a study like this. To opine on a number of factors that could come into play, or to have a natter about how this could potentially change how games are viewed by the media and by normal, everyday people. But we know you hate that stuff – you’ve told us so in your very sweary emails. Instead, we’re going to opt for a list of other games that could have specific psychological effects on the world’s populace. Or something. LIST TIME:

Red Dead Redemption
An ideal game to help astronauts, or any other person who is definitely going to spend a lot of time alone. Isolation, wide empty spaces, stuff like that – perfect to help the human brain acclimatise, and sure to stop any incidences of astronauts going Space-Crazy. See also: Fallout.

God Of War
An obvious aid for anyone involved in an aggressive profession – working in a shop, for example. Getting geed up to face the onslaught of idiocy that is retail customers needs something intense – something powerful. GOW could, conversely, also be used as an anger management tool. Naturally.

Tomb Raider
As we all know, serial killers tend to spend a fair bit of their early life torturing or killing animals. As such, Tomb Raider could be used to control these urges in youngsters, offering the ability to annihilate endangered species in a wholly safe environment. The serial killers of tomorrow will have had safe training*.

Prince Of Persia (Sands Of Time onwards)
We always have to deal with the choices we make in life, but some people find it harder than others. The Prince Of Persia series – at least from the Sands Of Time onwards – offers a safe environment in which to experiment with the choices we make and to get used to the effects they have. It also lets us rewind time and try again. A perfect coping tool.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
There is something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives: disappointment. Some find it hard to take, and some just can’t cope. As such, TFUII with it’s tag as ‘one of the most disappointing games ever made’ would be ideal to help people cope with the crushing inevitability of everything going wrong. Either that or it could help them deal with another Star Wars thing being a bit pump.

*Play-mag note: don’t be a serial killer.

**Play-mag note 2: if you take anything in this piece seriously you may suffer serious harm to your mental health. Always consult a professional. Failing that, a TV psychic.

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  • Dave Moore

    i have bad dreams.i dreamt i spent 50 quid on star wars tfu2 limited edition………….oh,hang on….NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    Dave,I almost spent them.Now,after reading a handful of reviews I am so glad I didn’t.This game will be a good bargain after some time,but now it is just too expensive for the gameplay time it offers.
    I also agreed about GoW 3 and PoP:SoT.