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Top 5 games that get unfairly hated on

Top 5 games that get unfairly hated on


Far Cry 2

So the whole open-world thing adds more tedium and frustration than anything else, but it’s still a technological marvel with some awesome missions and the best fire effects ever seen in a game. Cut it some slack.



Most of the hate directed at Crysis seems to come from people who resent the idea of spending the necessary cash on a PC upgrade and not from anyone who’s actually played what is, for the most part, an excellent first-person shooter experience.


Killzone 2

So many people bitched about the controls that Guerrilla ended up caving in and issued a patch. They were like that for deliberate effect; to make your equipment feel heavy, to stop you running and gunning unrealistically. The story’s massively under-rated too.


Final Fantasy XIII

If you’re not prepared to sit through 25 hours of linear corridors before getting to the good stuff then you have no right to call yourself a gamer. Go play Wii Sports or something. 25 hours is nothing if you’re hardcore enough to handle it. Besides you get some great combat and gorgeous cut-scenes during that time.


Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I can’t really defend the story except to say it was clearly written by monkeys and it’s a little harsh to hate on monkeys for not being able to string together a plot that makes any sense at all. We should be impressed they can even spell Afghanistan. And the single-player formula as a whole is showing its age a bit, but…
There are two more excellent modes on offer. Spec Ops is brilliant but seems to get almost completely ignored when people are talking about Modern Warfare 2 and Multiplayer is awesome too. It’s not perfect – no online game can be, certainly not one that popular – but it’s not the unfair, unbalanced mess that haters would claim it is. It’s the best game of its kind and wouldn’t have 25 million players if it wasn’t, so just can it! Okay?

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  • Andrew

    I completely agree with your list…except for Modern Warfare 2. That game does deserve all the hate it gets. Single player was nonsense and over used the Killing-the-player effect. The first 2 rounds of spec ops are cool then become repetitive and the mp is the worst part of the game. The mp is so hacked and buggy its amazing it made it through the QA stages. On PS3 it had 5 patches in 5 days, what does that tell you?

  • Tom

    5. Far Cry 2 – Never really appealed to me, any of them, i did get bored by the running and driving and haven’t completed it. But i wouldn’t call it a bad game, just one that’s severely underrated!

    4. Crysis – I had the requirements to play this and did, but i was restricted in the amount of time i could play it, nonetheless a very good game and i agree that the only reason it would ever be hated is because of the system requirements!

    3. Killzone 2 – Never played so i can’t really comment on it, although i’ve heard that a lot of people were disappointed with the Story.

    2. FFXIII – I enjoyed this and still haven’t completed it, i don’t care if it’s linear, just because it says RPG doesn’t automatically make it a massive open world. I should finish it really but can’t be bothered, although i will say that i’ve never completed a previous FF game because of the open world!

    1. Modern Warfare 2 – Spec-Ops is SEVERELY underrated, if it had a matchmaking system then it wouldn’t be but hindsight is a dangerous thing. The story is pretty awful when you think about it and i’m annoyed about that because i enjoyed Modern Warfares story and they’ve basically ruined it now, i’ll have to wait for Medal of Honours story because BF:BC2’s story was also awful, i didn’t even finish level 1!!!!
    The multiplayer is brilliant and awful, when it’s right it’s amazing but the crap that’s happened since launch has been super bad and the ridiculous map pack prices, i’d rather 4 new maps for 800MSP than 3 New and 2 old for 1200MSP

  • plmko

    At first I thought Killzone 2’s story was pretty disappointing, till I revisited it and realised that it actually tells a pretty powerful tale about the dependence of command in war.

  • Tim

    I can understand Far Cry 2 and FF XIII, never played KZ2, but I have to say MW2 was just MW with prettier graphics, and Crysis had terrible game design. I honestly couldn’t play it for long, so I ended up playing Crysis. And what about The Conduit? It was a Wii fps that most everyone hated on.

  • rawshark

    i would imagine modern warfare’s story was written by the dejected monkey from the simpsons who wrote ‘it was the blurst of times’ for mr. burns.

  • L1qu1d

    Other than choices 1 and 5 I completely agree with the list. COD6 seems to be a repainted cod 2 with a 60$ price tag (plus the dlc should come up to around 90$) That is why I personally hate the game. They just dont bring anything new to the table.

    Even CSS is new from CS 1.6.

    As for Far Cry 2, it was a great game, it had some original moments, but it tended to be repetitive, and the fact that you were targeted left right and centre detreacted from your ride around, and the fact that you really couldn’t hide, seeing as AI have some really amazing senses.

    The model and AI work were very poor I guess you could say.

  • Laland

    I couldn’t disagree more. You write “So the whole open-world thing adds more tedium and frustration than anything else” about Far Cry 2 and then asks us to ‘cut it some slack’ because it is pretty and has a few (VERY few!) cool scenarios? That’s just wrong. Games are meant to be fun, not irritating or frustrating.
    You may be right about Crysis. I never played it, mostly because my PC can’t handle it. Had lots of fun with the editor, though.
    Killzone 2 may try to add some realistic elements, but ‘weight’ to your character is the wrong way to do it. It takes away the fun. It works in a game like Mirror’s Edge where it is a major gameplay aspect, but not in a shooter.
    When it comes to FFXIII you’re just wrong. Seriously. Having to wait 25 hours for the fun part of a game to begin is just silly. Being ‘hardcore’ has nothing to do with being able to sustain boredom. Hardcore gamers want to be entertained, and in RPG’s, be able to evolve their own character in their own way.

    I’ve got mixed feelings when it comes to MW2. The gameplay is great; the controls, weapons and feel of your character is awesome, especially when paired with the plain-out awesome animations in both 1st and 3rd-person. Unfortunately the singleplayer falls short when it comes to storytelling and ends up with your character getting killed waay to many times. It worked that one time in CoD4, but it came as a shock then. Now we get surprised if we /don’t/ die.
    Spec Ops is both awesome and hellish. The one on the oil rig with the slow-mo events at the start and end is the worst decision ever, especially withour checkpoints.
    The multiplayer could have been great were it not so high profile. When there are 25 million players there are bound to be several thousand glitchers, cheaters and hackers online ruining the experience for those that just want to have some fun. It isn’t IW or Activision’s fault, even though they could remove glitches faster.

    Furthermore; MW2 sells well because Activision knows how to advertise their games. Not because “It’s the best game of its kind”.

    English isn’t my native language, so please see past any spelling errors.

  • aquaman839

    Killzone two was an average game and the controls were bad, they might have wanted the controls to feel heavy and real but its all about the consumer and the controls killed the game.And the cover system was awful cover works in third person because you can see over and around the cover not in first. Also come on the story line was rediculus it made no sense unless u played the psp game and no one owns a psp. MW2 was a completely average shooter with a terribly short single player campaign. The online user base made that game the titan that it is. And final fantasy is a franchise u either love or dont play. Never played farcry and I have never heard any thing but praise for crysis.

  • walk_star

    MW2 is the LEAST unfairly hated on of all these. You completely fail to mention that the PC version’s 9v9 player cap, lack of dedicated servers, and rampant cheating earn Activision the distinction of being the only publisher to successfully shove a flashbang up PC gamers’ asses while robbing them blind and (worst of all) turning them into rage-spewing knuckle-dragging console cretins.

  • R1ft3d

    I just can’t agree with FF XIII being unfairly hated. It took away most of the things that were enjoyable about past FF titles.

    Linearity: FF’s have always been and will always be, but at least prior to this we weren’t smacked in the face with it for 25+ hours.

    Grinding: Anyone who says the combat system was enjoyable needs to seriously update their RPG creds, come on… I can sum up the combat in two words “hit x”. Sure that works for point and click action-RPG’s and shooters, but some of us actually enojoyed being able to tell our characters what to do. It is supposed to be a freakin RPG in some sense.

    Summons: Useless eyecandy. This was a problem in FFXII as well.

    Sidequests: Go kill this repeatedly is not a valid sidequest. Prior FF games had at least a few NPC’s who I cared about and wanted to see their story. Chocobo racing how I miss thee.

    Characters: I hated them. I kept praying hope would just die and stop bitching. Lightning and snow are both contemptuous morons. The only one I even got close to liking was the Riku clone.

    Enemies: I actually liked the enemy variety, but the bosses, can’t recall a single one because they were all exactly the same.

    And damnit some of us, the frackin people who have played FF since #1, like our stupid insipid towns left intact thank you very much.

    Anyhow it certainly was pretty, kind of like that hot cheerleader in highschool. Nice to play with, but don’t try any serious conversation.

  • John Lock

    No. No. Modern Shitfare 2 is an overrated pile of shit. Sure it has the name Call of Duty big ass woopie do; it’s basically getting the “Madden Effect.” and don’t fuck with my shooters.

    Killzone 2 = underrated; and the Xbox fanboys troll the hell out of it.

    If anything put Halo 3 on this list you mother fucker.

  • Kathryn

    I disagree with your opinion on FFXIII, I agree that it probably has a place on this list, but your reasoning was quite harsh. I have every right to call myself a gamer if I find the first 25 hours not worth playing, because games have been made where the first 25 hours and the last 40 hours are both excellent, and we, as gamers, have every right to expect a company like Square Enix to deliver to us a game that succeeds in both the beginning and end, and that game does not succeed in the beginning.

  • The One

    The list was good until #2 and #1 – after that the writer obviously jumped on the mainstream bandwagon. How the hell can you talk about KZ2 being underrated and then list MW2, the biggest noob-friendly game on the market, as #1?

  • Captain Spacker

    Wheres Halo? That’s gotta be the king of great games everyone hates on. Also, as a proper hardcore gamer, boredom needs some reward. The story to FFXIII is crap and while I agree it is gorgeous it deserves the hate.

  • DonabateGuy

    IMO Killzone 2 is by far the best shooter on the ps3, and had it been for more variety in the weapons and equipment in multiplayer, probably would have been up there with CoD (the game for beginners).

  • Geezer

    Far Cry 2 was MEANT to be good. But the constantly respawning enemies, weapons blowing up after 5 minutes of shooting, and driving half way across the map for the millionth time to do the same mission as the one before it got tiring.
    It was promising, but they made some terrible mistakes with it.

    Killzone 2 was enjoyable, though it changed way too much from the first, teetering on the edge of being generic. Most of the single player campaign was ruined by Rico, and the multiplayer was average.

    MW2 was made to put alot of money in someone’s pocket, not to give a proper experience. Multiplayer = $$$ these days.

    I haven’t played FFXII, or Crysis, but I still feel that some of their hate is deserving. Atleast for Final Fantasy.

  • flappy

    “If you’re not prepared to sit through 25 hours of linear corridors before getting to the good stuff then you have no right to call yourself a gamer.”
    *pancake* off. A gamer would rather play something they enjoy. Its not their fault the FF is a franchise that has gone totally dowm the bog, and is a prime example of beating a dead horse, something Activision could even be jealous of.
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • ryan

    Uhh… have you ever actually played final fantasy 13? cause it was basically 50 hours of walking down a hallway. A very colourful hallway, ill give them that, but they had to add breadcrumbs so that when you get out of a battle you know which way you came from. As for MW2, the multiplayer was absolutely awful, obviously IW didnt play their own game cause every burst weapon beats EVERY OTHER WEAPON

  • McFlu

    @John Lock

    How is Killzone 2 underrated? When it came out all I read was how it was a practically a technical marvel, and how the story and gameplay were such a huge upgrade from the last, though I preferred the first one, THAT one was underrated.

    I can see how MW2 is unfairly hated on, it WAS a great game, before Activision milked the crap out of it and online became a huge snipefest, not to mention all the people who ruined any hope for a good experience by exploiting any glitch possible.

  • Evaaaaaaaaaaaaan

    I have to say that I disagree majorly with Modern Warfare 2. The more I play it, the more evident it’s mediocrity becomes. I’ve ditched it for the likes of Rainbow Six Vegas 1, (boo-yah terrorist hunt,) Battlefield Bad Company 2,Left 4 Dead, and probably my favorite online game ever, (which should be on this list by the way,) Team Fortress 2.

    Although I enjoyed both Call of Duty 4’s story and multiplayer quite a bit, they kinda screwed the pooch with Modern Warfare 2. Snipers with auto shotguns? Thermal scopes? Heartbeat sensors? Cold blooded? And it’s also pretty clear that they didn’t listen to their consumers at all, because they made the grenade launcher even more powerful. I have to say, if this is the way online gaming is headed, maybe I’ll stick with Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed…

  • Sean

    I definetly agree with you about Final Fantasy XIII, that game is just awesome and lot of people don’t seem to think so. Not sure about the rest though, I think the hate for the others is justifiable.

  • SonicRiderZG8

    @TOM- how would you know how bad the Battlefield Bad Company campaign is if you never beat level one? Your logic makes no sense. As for the list, I agree. However, I have a major disagreement about MW2. That game is the worst of the CoD series and an abomination to online gaming. Surely not the worst, but I couldnt stand it.

  • Laurence

    Holy *pancake* walk_star, “knuckle-dragging console cretins.”? Really? So that’s what you generalise all console gamers as? Because I don’t and at the moment am not really able to pay for a PC with good enough gaming capabilities for the games I like, that makes me that?! What kind of stuck-up person are you? Maybe just hating groups of people based on petty preferences and financial and time-limiting situations is your thing.
    I still agree with your main points though, apart from your unnatural hatred of console gamers that is.
    Laland, I agree with you most of all, almost all your points I would have made, bravo to you. 🙂
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • Sam Vernoholic

    I just despise Modern Warfare’s online leaderboards now, it used to be epic when it was all normal and legitimate. Now its a terrible mess of Rank 70, 10th prestigers all the way down from 1 to about 350,000. You can clearly understand how its become like this, hacks…
    from glitchers to boosters.
    And this is why I now hate this game. Not at all ruined it for me because of Spec ops and the single player no. but after a few months just released, the multiplayer killed the magic all together. such a good game gone bad eh. (in my opinion of course)

  • Lummy

    Total agreement on FFXIII.
    I avoided the internet pretty much the whole time I was playing it, and when I came back ready to gush my guts out I couldn’t beleive the amount of people throwing ragefits over it. (Yeah, it was countless hours of linear corridors at first, but they were really pretty corridors :’D)

    Also I reserve the right to hate on everything else on the list. Because I’m a massive biotch.

  • lDEFYl

    agree with MW2 being hated on too much

  • Brad

    Killzone 2 was a brilliant game, it had an amazing story if you carefully go through it from the starting intro to the final part were visari gets killed. The controls were good but everybody wanted COD gameplay and well… it killed the game as the realistic gun effect was lost.
    MW2 was abit over the place. At first you think its a good story then when you think about it your like “What the hell?”. I have to agree the character death effect was overused and the nearly falling to your death parts, it did show how they didnt think it through. But other then that I agree with this list.