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Top 5 Games That Could Maybe Work In A Different Era

Last week it was revealed that Ubisoft scrapped a potential Prince Of Persia update that would have seen the Prince transported to a modern era/post-apocalyptic setting. While there probably would have been an uproar at the very thought, I would actually have welcomed a new spin on the old franchise. It got me thinking about other titles that could move into a different setting or era and perhaps get something from it (controversial or not).

God Of War – The idea of Kratos being transplanted into modern times is probably enough to make some fans choke on their own vomit, but moving Kratos through time seems to have been an idea the God Of War developers have thought about over the years. How would Kratos operate in say, the trenches¬† of the first world war? Or in Vietnam? Or perhaps just in Medieval Britain? I’d be interested to know.

BioShock – It’s already going back in time, so how would Ken Levine’s epic FPS adapt to a more modern setting. With political extremes harder to define, would Irrational be able to find a hook upon which to build its philosophical and political base? Would the field of genetic engineering offer some scope? Bringing BioShock’s alternate history to our age could be very interesting indeed.

Resident Evil – Taking a leaf from those Pride And Prejudice… With Zombies style books how about having some early version of the T-Virus infect the poor of London? I’d like to think that a 19th Century based Resident Evil could work rather well. The weapons would need to be a little bit different, but no less destructive. Could be very cool.

FIFA ’66 – In England we seem to spend rather a lot of time pining for when our national side was the best in the world and that should be the perfect excuse for cashing in and making a retro FIFA title. It doesn’t have to be set in 1966, but any kind of FIFA that attempts to replicate the classic football of the Sixties or Seventies would be pretty interesting.

Grand Theft Auto – Rockstar has been happy enough to move around in time a little with the Grand Theft Auto series with both Vice City and San Andreas sent back in time from when they were released. There have been plenty of rumours that Rockstar would do this again with GTA V, but going a little further back to say the late Sixties with hippy culture and Vietnam or the late Seventies with the rise of punk, could be a rich landscape with this to build a game.

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  • DDS

    What a meh article.

    The only which makes sense is GTA – it is also quite obvious.

    FIFA in ’66 means different player names, a brown ball and sepia camera. Doesn’t change a thing.

    Resident Evil in 19th century London? Yeah, weapons WILL be less powerful because they were.

    Bioshock practically IS about it’s alternate, speampunk reality. Remove that and you don’t have Bioshock anymore… you have Deus Ex or Crysis.

    GoW in modern times? Guy with swords against… monsters again? How would changing the time of GoW change the game in any way other than the graphics?

    Typically lame article. I won’t be clicking on your ads or tweeting about this one.

  • Sean

    I would like to see the GTA franchise go in the opposite direction to which they usually do, into the future. I think that would be pretty cool, not too far into the future of course but would it still feel like a GTA game? Only Rockstar can prove it.

  • john

    who thought of this article…seriously this is rubbish