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Top 5 game characters that need action figures

Top 5 game characters that need action figures


You may have already seen this rather natty Ethan Mars action figure, as created by the DeviantArt user *Baker009 (if not, click here). You can’t buy it though, as it’s a commissioned piece for someone who isn’t you – unless it is for you, in which case, read on as you may get some good ideas here. The rest of you should read on too, just because we know you have nothing better to do and because we want to suggest five characters who should have action figures made of them. GO:

Shadows, Ico: We would suggest a fine weave of cotton wool to achieve the look of ethereal… ity… that these wee beasties bring. Plus it would mean you could hit them with a stick and not fear breaking them.

Peg, Peggle: Possibly the most iconic gaming character of recent years, it would certainly be a challenge to capture the character and general feel of the Peg. Still, with the right cratspeople on board we could end up with the greatest action figure of all time, and a testament to all that is Good and Right in the universe.

Cardboard Box, Metal Gear Solid: These may already exist as extras for Snake action figures, or even things you can make yourself with some careful folding – but we don’t want that. We want the original, the proper cardboard box. In its own box. With its own name. With Eagle Eyes.

Optimus, Transformers: War For Cybertron: Oh, wait…

Brian Blessed, Brian Blessed: You may say “but there hasn’t been a Brian Blessed: The Game” and we would respond with “yes, and there should be”, which would make you go “ahh, good point” and then we’d go “so they should pre-empt the game and just make a Blessed action figure”. It would be a thing of true, true beauty.

Any other suggestions, just leave them below. We’ll be sure to get them all commissioned*.

*This is a lie.

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  • John Malcolm

    Isn’t Brian Blessed his own action figure anyway?

    I’d like Jill and Shiva from Resident Evil 5, with special bendy bodies…

  • I don’t need to “want” I have made my own HEAVY RAIN ACTION FIGURES, 12″ inches / 30cm tall (fully articulated) , you can check at my DeviantArt website http://niever.deviantart.com/ for this and more video-game action figures from games like Silent Hill or Dino Crisis, ho didn’t had any figure by themselves.