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Top 5 disappointments on PS3

Top 5 disappointments on PS3

With the recent travesty known as Aliens: Colonial Marines making us pine for what could have been, Play have decided to take a look back at five games that could have been so much more. There’s no real order to these, all of them were pretty rubbish.


5) Aliens: Colonial Marines

Let’s get this one out of the way early, then. Good Aliens games can exist – Alien3 on SNES and Mega Drive, Alien Trilogy and Alien Resurrection on PS1 and the original two AvP games on PC were all excellent, and scary to boot. Colonial Marines is neither of those things. It’s buggy, unfinished, ugly as all hell and really, really boring. Easy as pie even on the “hardest” difficulty setting, dem pesky xenomorphs go down way too easily and never pose anything resembling a threat. The story pisses all over established film canon, the voice acting sucks, the grenades are RUBBISH, and so on. This game blows chunks, but it could have been so much more.


4) The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest

Conquest was made by Pandemic, the guys who made the totally awesome Star Wars: Battlefront games, a Star Wars spin on the Battlefield formula of big, multiplayer battles with lots of classes and vehicles. They were bloody ace, especially the second. So when news broke that the developer would be applying the same formula to Lord Of The Rings, people were understandably excited. They shouldn’t have been. Conquest was a mess, feeling more like a bad Dynasty Warriors clone than the huge, epic wars of Battlefront. Graphics were muddy and some enemy models were straight-up bad. Pandemic didn’t last much longer after this was released. A shame.


3) Duke Nukem Forever

Another entry for Gearbox, although like Aliens, it’s arguable how responsible they actually are. Duke Nukem Forever had been in development for the best part of a century (slight exaggeration), and boy did it show. Gameplay felt horrifically dated, Duke’s quips at the expense of new shooters making you wish you were playing those instead. Our hero’s sexist, all-macho shtick may have been funny once, but now it just seems tired and mildly offensive. That alone would have been bad, but the game was just awful throughout. It would have been crap back when it was supposed to be the release, and the decades since haven’t been kind. We can’t help but feel that Forever might, ironically, be the last we ever see of Duke.


2) Game Of Thrones
George R.R. Martin’s “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series of fantasy novels are bloody excellent, and the recent TV adaption Game Of Thrones has thrust the franchise into the limelight. A spin-off game was never going to be far away, but we wish it had been. Game of Thrones (the game) was a rubbish, uninspired RPG with a story that barely even touched on the lore that fans of the books know so well. A few little TV cameos pop up to add some star power but it’s nowhere near enough to save a bad, boring Dragon Age pastiche. There could be some bloody ace Game of Thrones games (the battle of the blackwater, defending the wall as Jon Snow) but we are yet to see them.


1) Lair

Lair was supposed to be the definition of what the Sixaxis could be, but instead proved what we’ve always known, that motion controls are a big pile of shitty arse. Coming from Factor 5, developers of the utterly aweosme Star Wars Rogue Squadron games on N64 and Gamecube, anticipation was high for Lair, understandably so. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work. It was broken, plain and simple. Controlling your dragon by moving the Sixaxis just DID NOT WORK. To begin with, there was no alternative, but the control was so bad that Factor 5 actually patched in analog stick support so people could play. It helped a bit, but the game was still boring as balls. Factor¬† 5 shut down soon after. Coincidence? Nope.

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