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Top 5 developer ‘betrayals’

Top 5 developer ‘betrayals’

When a game developer makes a few games for one platform and not another it will soon become associated with that platform, and should it subsequently turn its talents to multi-platform development, there will be fanboy-hell to pay. It’s like stabbing your brother in the heart with a big knife, only worse. Here are the five worst brother-stabbers of all time…


With Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic very definitely not ever coming to a PlayStation platform, and Jade Empire and Mass Effect being published by Microsoft on the Xbox and Xbox 360 respectively, Xbox fans started thinking of BioWare as their own. But then EA stepped in and Dragon Age: Origins got developed for the PS3, with more PS3 titles (almost certainly including the Mass Effect trilogy) on the way. It’s shocking and disgusting unless you recall that BioWare made MDK2 for the PS2 ages ago and that, y’know, is a business.


id Software
id titles have been ported to PlayStation platforms for years now, but that’s not the point. Fanboys have short memories so for Doom 3 and Quake 4 to be on PC, Mac and Xbox platforms only then for Rage to suddenly be a multi-platform effort from day one is despicable. John Carmack has even publicly stated that the PS3 hardware is better suited to Rage than the 360. It’s like he doesn’t care about where he came from or some other such nonsense.


The only studio on our list to be traditionally a PlayStation developer rather than an Xbox/PC developer, Insomniac recently announced a multiplatform development partnership with EA. Yeah, EA is behind three of these five acts treachery, like it’s some kind of massive games industry home wrecker. Clank is said to be staying at his sister’s place until the divorce has gone through, while an unshaven Ratchet was last seen staggering out of a bar and crying into a dustbin.


Epic Games
Never mind the fact that Epic Games has, for almost its entire existence, developed tools designed for cross-platform development, how dare it develop Unreal Tournament III on the PS3! How dare it release it first on the PS3! How dare it make the PS3 version better! And just to twist the knife – the knife thrust into the hearts of all those who bought Unreal Championship and Gears Of War – it’s been rumoured that Epic Games is working on a PS3 exclusive. If that turns out to be true, many an X-shaped tear shall flow.


This is the big one. Bungie, creator of the Xbox’s flagship franchise, is now developing games for the PS3. OMGWTFNOOOOOOOOO!!! After all the love the Xbox community gave those guys, they repay it with this HATE. Except it’s not that shocking because Bungie has made a PlayStation game before and it wasn’t even that long ago. If you don’t know the difference between co-development and porting then please feel free to accuse us of being wrong about this, but the PS2 version of Oni was made by Bungie and Rockstar Toronto. Regardless, it’s clear to anyone and everyone that Bungie has torn out Microsoft’s green, glowing heart and eaten it in front of the Xbox community’s pained, anguished eyes.

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  • akulakul


  • CJ

    can you really count Insomniac as a betrayal. their exclusive franchises stay exclusive?

    also i think you should have included SE making FF multi?
    even if i don’t care about FF at all guess that made a huge buzz when announced

  • adro

    and valve is on the way…

  • Halo started as a PC development…

  • Solid Snake

    Rockstar was never first party for sony, they were always 3rd party. So that means they were always independent.

  • Gman

    How can Square Enix and Rockstar NOT be on this list (and Konami for that matter for bringing MGS to Xbox)

    This article seems to be written from a butthurt 360 fanyboy’s perspective.

    The largest betrayals have gone the other way though. S-E went from publishing 90% exclusive to Playstation/PS2, to zero exclusivity for PS3, yet about 70% exclusive to 360.

    Rockstar went from making games for PS2 (which eventually got ported to xbox, but too late to really matter) to using 360 as lead platform, and making PS3 owners suffer with shitty ports.

    This article is garbage. Epic? Really, epic???? You know Unreal Tournament was a PS2 game before Microsoft had a console right?

  • WWII

    FFXIII going multiplat > everything =3

  • Tobi

    What a stupid list, Rare isn’t even mentioned.

  • lucas

    this list is BS you cant accuse these developers for betraying anyone, because you forget that this is a business! they have to look out for themselves. At least in insomniac’s case the day that they announced they were going multiplatform they were singing sony’s praises. And becoming multiplatform is not a betrayal if they are still developing for the for the ps3. I say people need to stop being so childish and learn to enjoy the games for what they are.

  • Jared

    I agree that Squeenix is should be on the list… and at the top of the list. Not that it really matters anymore. Though I am a Final Fantasy Fan, the best of the franchise has already been released. I don’t think its possible for FF to have as large an impact as it did during the PS1 Era.

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    “Halo started as a PC development…”

    Mac, actually.

  • Agree with CJ
    What about Square-Enix? Namco, Capcom blah-blah

  • Jin

    Sorry but the list is wrong , namco is not in the list ???? they made Ace combat an xbox 360 exclusive ( the main series and not spinoffs) . what about Rockstar ? GTA was alway first on Xbox and PS2 took all the glory months before the xbox version . but GTA4 was better supported for xbox 360 AND Table Tennis was an xbox exclusive and Red Dead REdemtion , before the name was put it was shown on E32006 on PS3’s part as an exclusive . And bungie are STILL DOING EXCLUSIVES for the 360 . so WTF ?

  • huh?

    how is insomniac up there, they are still going to be making ps3 exclusives and have said that they won’t be doing anything to piss off ps3 fans like tapping Don Matrick on the shoulder at E3 like kojima and wada at e3 09 and 08 respectively. Square should be up there instead.

  • kane_1371

    you guys that post a comment better read the damn first paragraph.
    this guy is making joke of this thing.

    although the biggest betray would be se and rockstar.
    rockstar for accepting the 75mil from ms for gta4 going multiplat (but hey, who wouldn’t?)
    se for destroying a game, not by making it multiplat, but not working good enough.
    btw, insomniac didn’t betray.
    the contract with ea is for one ip only, and with new insomniac studio (in carolina), while major studio keep working on ps3 projects.

    konami didn’t betray either, remember mgs is still a ps3 franchise.
    the game you people refer to is called metal gear solid rising lightning bolt action.
    while the game that we refer to as mgs is called metal gear solid tactical spionage action.
    it’s like two different ips.

  • interrergator

    i think u guys got a problem kuz its *monkey* business the economys *monkeyed* and u call them traitors for makin one game on another system u guys are pathetic

  • Mark

    Are you kidding? Nobody cared when those Xbox/PC devs went multiplat. Wheres Rockstar and Square? Oh wait, this is a Playstation site…

    Never in the history of games has there been more tears then those 2 went 360. FF especially. GTFO.

  • woozy

    final fantasy
    metal gear..was a nes sysstem

  • woozy

    u appear u r shibox fan
    since most of them a xbox first party
    ….look at u how u r crying like a bitch at bungi..i dont know if i typed it right

  • Mark

    ^ Let us know when you learn basic English moron, until then let the big kids talk.

  • lDEFYl

    Insomniac kinda hurts :/

  • Huh

    Seriously – WTF?

    Do some research before posting crap like this – biggest load of balls I’ve had the misfortune to read for a long long time.

    Your view of history is very narrow minded – have you forgotten everything that happened pre-2004?

    Have a think about Bullfrog/EA.

  • MWH

    nice subject and yeah it should’ve been a top-10 instead 🙂

  • so?

    This is all irrelevant. Bad, really bad article. Go be a fanboy somewhere else. Play the games instead of humping your platform of choice.

  • john

    well this list is kinda funny. I really don’t get the whole betrayal theme. Especially in the comments for square-enix why does that count as a betrayal they worked with nintendo first and jumped because they didn’t think the the hardware was good enough to make there awesome games and then they went for XIII well the 360 can manage the the data but it won’t look pretty. Also S-E are doing an exclusive for the PS3 they are working on XIII versus. Also Bungie’s betrayal is from Mac to PC you even pointed out the fact in the comments.

  • “metal gear..was a nes sysstem”

    Yes, but after MGS1, Kojima repeatedly stated that the MGS franchise would never leave Sony. Then Ghost Babel and Substance came out.

    However, he also repeatedly said “Okay, THIS is my last MGS game!!!” so I don’t take his word for much.

  • victor

    wasted 3 mins on reading this garbage, and another 30 secs on this comment.

    Such a bad article. Just like a golf swing that doesnt even hit the ball.

  • solid snake

    Sony said it in the beginning of this gen that exclusives will eventually become a thing of the past excluding internal studios & their games owned by the respective gaming giants.

  • Joel

    Do the readers not get Play’s humour at all? There’s alway comments on light hearted articles saying “BS”. Less moaning readers.
    On another note, after gta3 I feel Rockstar kinda let down Playstation after the PS2 really made Rockstar ( as did GTA3 for PS2). Yes I know it was on PC too but PC’s were rubbish then.