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Top 5 Craziest Pre-E3 Rumours

Top 5 Craziest Pre-E3 Rumours

Now that E3 has given up most of its announcements we feel safe enough to start laughing at all the fools who thought other things other than what have happened would take place. You idiots. You should have seen how stupid you all were. And we (as in us and you reading) can mock these fools for their lack of knowing the future. Silly people.

SourceEngine5. Source Engine 2 w/ Half-Life 2: Episode 3 – Valve cancels its E3 event promising a surprise and the whole internet goes mad. Valve a traditional developer’s developer and would more likely use an event like GDC or some other game makers convention (with limited press presence) to announce a new engine.

500gb4. PS3 price drop and 500GB model – Who needs 500GB? That’s an insane amount of storage. It’s not impossible or anything, but it would be odd. As for the price drop we’re pretty sure Sony made it clear last year that it didn’t think E3 was the place to announce such things. Ultimately we had to wait until Gamescom.

SFvsTekken3. Street Fighter Vs Tekken – Hmm. This might strike you at first like a possibility given that Capcom likes its crossovers, but think about these two games for a bit and you begin to see why this doesn’t make sense. One is a traditional 2D fighter with projectile attacks and a fast pace. The other is a slower paced 3D fighter with individual control over left and right limbs. Can you really see those two fitting together?

ViceCity22. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2 – Another GTA at some point is of course a given ad a return to Vice City would be welcome, but given the amount of time Rockstar is spending making its games these days an announcement never really seemed likely to us. We might have got a logo or something (perhaps a tattoo of Kaz Hirai’s arm), but nothing more. Give it another year and then maybe we’ll see something.

Dreamcast1. New Sega Console – This one keeps resurfacing, but seriously guys let it go. Have you seen Sega’s financial performance in recent years? Investing in a console in this generation costs hundreds of millions of dollars. You can’t just step in on a whim and Sega just doesn’t have the cash to support something like that.

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