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Top 5 Best QTEs

Top 5 Best QTEs


Resident Evil 4

The Krauser/Leon knife fight is brilliant. Unlike a lot of QTEs this is fair enough for you to finish the job, but unforgiving enough to kill you in an instant. Cue tense stand off between gamer and reactions.



Shenmue II


Yeah, it’s not out on PlayStation…yet. With Shenmue and its sequel allegedly HD-ised and waiting to be uploaded to PSN, take a peek at this little beauty, which inverts the QTE staple. In a game rammed with the things, it’s a nice touch. (Skip to around the 6:00 mark if you want to see just the QTE.)



Asura’s Wrath


‘But the whole game is a QTE!’ you cry. So what? Asura’s Wrath does them very well indeed, as this proves.


Heavy Rain


Heavy Rain has had to deal with much of the same criticism as Asura’s Wrath, and again it also manages to get QTEs right. Like this one here.





God Of War III


No, not the sex minigame. We’re nominating this one, because you can hammer Circle all you want, just like Kratos would.

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