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Top 5 bad games with great graphics

Top 5 bad games with great graphics

Yesterday I posted a Top 5 great PlayStation games with bad graphics, so it only seems fair to flip the idea on its head for today’s post. Try not to get too upset…


PlayStation 2 (2005)
Damn sexy to look at and deeply atmospheric in places, Killer7 was unfortunately also really tiresome and frustrating to play. It’s the sort of game some gamers will tell you they like because it’s obscure and cool looking but don’t, whatever you do, actually bother playing it.


Afro Samurai
PlayStation 3 (2009)
Aesthetically extremely loyal to its source material, Afro Samurai certainly did enough to appeal to fans of the ultra-cool anime swordsman. But people who actually like games found it to be very shallow and extremely frustrating in places. Nice dynamic slicing though.


Def Jam: Icon
PlayStation 3 (2007)
All the lavish audio-visual splendour you’d expect from a high-profile EA release could not compensate for combat mechanics so poor they make your average thumb war look deep, complex and skill-based. Shame, as the previous Def Jam games were ace.


Mirror’s Edge
PlayStation 3 (2008)
It might have been a bit white for some tastes, but Mirror’s Edge could certainly be breathtaking to look at. It could also be so, so, so frustrating to play. Sure, there were good bits, but they were always over so fast, while the infuriating bits seemed to go on forever.


Assassin’s Creed
PlayStation 3 (2007)
Now look, PLAY said it all along – once you get past Assassin’s Creed’s fantastic visuals and super-slick animation, there’s barely any game there at all, never mind a good one. We’d hope that now Assassin’s Creed II has been and gone and shown the world what the first game should have been like that perhaps more folk might agree than did at the time. Assassin’s Creed was pants.

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  • James Steele

    Mirrors edge was a great game! There weren’t that many frustrating parts. The ones were when you had to work out where to go and it seemed impossible. But The soundtrack and visuals and simple controls made the game great.

  • FFS

    Speaking of Killer 7, just because you didn’t like it doesn’t make everyone who does pretentious. Calling things ‘pants’ also indicates that you can’t be over 16 years old. Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge were both ‘lacking’, but both were critically well received regardless and at least one of them was a big seller as well. This article is fail (see I can talk like a *pancake* too)!
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • james c

    I agree with James Steele, Mirrors Edge was a fantastic game!
    Considering it was a new game on a minor budget with a rather small team of developers I think it was great. If you think it was bad you clearly missed the point of the game imho.
    Assassins creed however I think you were spot on lol.

  • FFS

    Hahah, this *pancake* deleted my post for calling him out on his immaturity and lack of knowledge. You’ve got some thin skin, kiddo!
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • Your Brother :)

    I played Mirror’s Edge on the PC and absolutely loved it. IMO, that game should not be on this list.

  • Samfisher

    Stupid articl is stupid!
    Mirrors Edge is bad?!! ASSASINS CREED IS BAD?!!!!! its one of my favorite games this generation, it had great story, great characters, amazing new gameplay mechanics like I have never seen befor,great OST and great graphics, it was just a bit repetitive, how the hell is it a bad game?!!

  • L1qu1d

    This article is completely *pancake*…Mirror’s edge was completely original and had great game mechanics.

    Terrible list in general…and assassins as number 1? HAHA really?

    Just an awful list…honestly wow!
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • bert

    Disagree with the Mirrors Edge one. Saying the game is bad is basically saying you suck at it. Also, Modern Warfare 2.

  • ManaReaper

    I loved PLAYING Assassin’s Creed as well as looking at it

  • Mike

    You`re so wrong with #1

  • truthhurts

    You forgot killzone 3.

  • Agent75

    I agree with Creed and Edge. Played them both, they bored me *pancake*less.
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • Anon

    Neither Assassin’s Creed nor Mirror’s Edge were bad games. They were one of my favorites in the year they released.

  • Snitsky

    I hate Altair i though he is true assassin but Ezio is the true assassin cuz i like AC2 much better since i hated AC1 so much due of frustrating and unimproved controls & weapons.

  • tydro456

    Why is assassin’s Creed and Miror’s Edge on here, they are amazing looking games, they are just as good at being an IP and great innovators not to mention just fun!

  • Jorden M

    This article sucks in my opinion.
    Mirror’s Edge was original. It was fast paced and gave you a real feel for the parkour action it offerend.

    Assassin’s Creed was a wonderful game and was also original. Regardless of how long it was, it led a great story and continuing series.

  • yeah right

    this article is a *pancake*ing joke, you must get frustrated at every game if you found mirror’s edge and afro samurai frustrating, your lack of skill doesn’t make the game bad
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • HO

    ..AC has amazing graphics, but not the best gameplay yet is not terrible, not a bad game at all, so why is it here??

  • Mr Knight

    I never played the first 3 games in the list, but Mirror´s Edge and Assassins Creed are so good, I just don’t understand what is that you don’t like. These are exploration games, they put you in a beautifull virtual world were you can go almost anywere, that, that is the purpose in these two games, but maybe you were expecting something else and just never realised what you were suposed to do.

  • Assassins Creed is the best game so STHU u lady gardens

  • Riprie

    Worst top 5 ever. Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge are still one of the best games to date. Get your head straight Gavin.

  • Evren

    Bad article was bad.
    There are much worse games than you 5 you picked, and whereas I didnt like Mirrors edge, I wouldn’t say it was a BAD game.

  • Ares

    You fool! Assassins Creed? This is all for clicks isn’t it? Well, all you “journalists” that do this should include a phone number so we could better discuss such filthy opinions. I bet THEN you would be more honest in the future. And if you’re serious then GAWD you’re a moron. Either way, I won’t be coming back to this site.

  • Park_Triolo

    What the HELL is wrong with Assassin’s Creed?????? Here you have an excellent game with great graphics, cool story and amazing gameplay. Mirror’s Edge is also an OK game… not AC-like, but OK nevertheless. None of these two games belong in the list. There are plenty others to put there, though… example: COD MW2… get a life, Gavin!!!

  • PersonMan

    This list is terrible, you’ve got 2 critically acclaimed games
    Just because you weren’t good doesn’t mean they suck

  • deeznuts43

    wow didnt think of putting any armored core games up there they all sucked but looked great…this kids a *pancake*
    **edited for poor language choices**

  • deeznuts43

    assassins creed and mirrors edge were def some really halfassed lazy games……..i mean who did they think they were competing with……..the waste treatment company….cause it was the best lookin CRAP i ever saw…

  • Sean

    I’ll have to agree with you Gavin

  • cj12297

    mirrors edge was crap except for the first level but that was in the demo. and assassins creed was too repetitive. but AC wasn’t all bad because without it we wouldn’t of had AC2 which was ledge

  • Pob

    Oh, come on! Mirror’s Edge and Assassin’s Creed were both thoroughly enjoyable – I DO NOT agree! There was some wicked stuff you could do in both. Sure, some bits of Mirror’s Edge were hard, but if you did something awesome it was so rewarding! Also, I think a lot of people’s imaginations didn’t stretch while playing Assassin’s Creed – I always tried to find a new way to assassinate each target. Also, you’re forgetting that the story is insane!

  • tolga

    10 year old boy wrote that article? Mirror’s Edge? Do not be funny! Mirror’s Edge wonderful and a different game.I still play the game. With both music and atmosphere is very nice game.This article was written to attract attention.

  • jack1002

    Stop. Calm down. Take a deep breath. Had passed. Gavin now tell thee what did you drink:)) I want the same. :))) You’ve accidentally Mirror’s Edge as well.

  • Tweety

    COD MW 2 is currently one of the best FPS multiplayer games, aside from BF BC 2, so shut up about it sucking. Mirror’s Edge was IMO a good game, so it shouldn’t be on the list. Assasin’s creed, on the other hand, was a piece of crap. I hardly made it through the whole game, because it just wasn’t enjoyable.

    “Now look, PLAY said it all along – once you get past Assassin’s Creed’s fantastic visuals and super-slick animation, there’s barely any game there at all, never mind a good one. We’d hope that now Assassin’s Creed II has been and gone and shown the world what the first game should have been like that perhaps more folk might agree than did at the time. Assassin’s Creed was pants.”

    Couldn’t agree more with this description.

    Also, can’t tell about the other games on the list because I haven’t played them yet.

    So, COD MW 2 , BF BC 2, Mirror’s edge FTW
    Assasin’s creed – FAIL

  • Ahrun

    Adding Killer7 and Mirror’s Edge in this list offended me as a gamer.