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Top 4 Guilty Pleasure Games

Top 4 Guilty Pleasure Games

Most of the time we have impeccable taste, only playing the absolute best of the best. Still, occasionally even we here on Play like to let loose and play something a little less universally acclaimed. Think of these games as virtual junk food: they aren’t good for our health, but they taste damn good.


It’s no secret that we love Dynasty Warriors, but the series still has a bad reputation in the West. We understand the gameplay can be a bit repetitive, but when that gameplay consists of kicking the ass of thousands of soldiers with enormous weapons and badass magic, why exactly is it a bad thing? The Dynasty Warriors series are good games, and we will continue to shout such a fact from the rooftops until it sticks. For now, though, we have to file this one under the guilty pleasure banner.


MGS2 is a good game with a bizarre, almost crippling story. We still aren’t exactly sure what was going on at the Big Shell, but we do know that pansy whiner Raiden is no replacement for the grizzled heroism of our boy, Solid Snake. In many ways, MGS2 was the worst thing to happen to the franchise, as although 3 was great, MGS4 was an entire game dedicated to explaining what happened in 2. But despite all this, we still love it. Call us fanboys, we suppose!


Fans of the original Resident Evil games can’t be happy with the direction the series has taken in the last decade. While Resi 4 was an excellent revitalization of a franchise in danger of becoming irrelevant, subsequent titles have focused more on the action aspect, becoming less scary as a result. So no, Resi 6 is not a good Resident Evil game. What it is, though, is a fun shooter with a crazy story that is a blast when playing co-op with a friend. Plus, Mercenaries mode is rad.


If shooting Nazis in the face in incredibly graphic slow motion is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Sniper Elite V2 is an average game, a fun sniping sim offset by too much bland shooting with other weapons, but the amazing kill-cam saves it. The appeal really never does get old, seeing you bullet travel through the body of an enemy soldier, shattering bone, splitting organ and tearing flesh. Yeah, it’s horrible, but we are kind of sick.


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