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Top 4 Games That Needed A Delay

Top 4 Games That Needed A Delay

Delays are part and parcel of this whole gaming thing, with titles having nailed-on, definitely going to be that day, super-mega-absolute release dates that then turn into four months later. It happens. It’s annoying, but it’s understandable.

Dark Souls has recently slipped a week in Japan, while Twisted Metal has gone from the end of the year to some time in 2012 (with a refreshingly honest reason as to why from David Jaffe).

Delays are normal, but they don’t happen all of the time. And sometimes we want them to happen, because… well, they really should have. Games needing polish, bug fixing or just to be changed completely before release still come out and still expect us to drop our hard-earned on them. Here’s four that should have stayed in the womb that bit longer:

Most yearly sports titles
Not all of them, but a lot of them. Rather than incremental, yearly updates released for full price, why not two-yearly releases? Back it up with a DLC update in the middle, give the team more time to make truly new, truly updated games and you’ll end up with situations that aren’t like now. PES needs a year off, the WWE games need a year off, even FIFA could do with an extra year to make huge leaps with the series. It’ll never happen, mind.

Gran Turismo 5
Yes, it took a comically long time to come out. But it still wasn’t done when it hit shelves. I still maintain it was a very good game on release, but now, post-ten billion patches, it’s absolutely brilliant. The problem here is reviews covered what they had to play with at the time, so the lasting legacy of GT5 is one of ‘good, but not great’ – whereas if it had been released a few months later it could have been a much more complete and initially impressive package.

There were a few bugs that needed ironing out on release, but that’s not what I’m getting at here. No, the issue was with the timing of the release. Holding back would have made sure that any issues were ironed out, and it would have meant the game came out when the entire PlayStation Network wasn’t down. It never had a chance. Poor Brink.

Duke Nukem Forever
Like GT5, this one also took an age to come out, but it still should have had longer in development. In fact, it should have literally stayed in development forever, remaining as a wispish fable, forever sitting at the back of all our minds but never actually doing that whole coming-out-and-being-shit thing that DNF actually did. Sometimes it’s better to keep things as a pipe dream.

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